stripping resin moldings

westminsterJuly 28, 2008

WeÂre trying to strip many years of paint off of some wall moldings to reveal the floral details before repainting. We had assumed the moldings were plaster, but after stripping a test patch with Soy Gel, they actually appear to be some sort of resin molds applied to wood strips. The problem is that the second application of Soy Gel began to dissolve the resin details. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for stripping the paint without destroying the resin? WeÂve been using Citristrip on our window moldings, but weÂre concerned that the neutralization process might be too harsh. WeÂll probably give Peel-Away a shot, but any other ideas?

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It occurs to me that if the moldings are resin, they could be fairly recent, and certainly not original to the house or even particularly 'special'. So if you're in love with them regardless, then hopefully someone else will help, but if you're not actually that crazy about them, maybe they could just be removed and replaced with new ones.

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IÂve wondered about that myself, but I talked to a plaster guy and he said that a lot of older moldings were actually made from resin and wood rather than plaster. Plus, judging from the many coats of paint, IÂm assuming that theyÂre pretty old. That said, they very well may not be original to the house (i.e. 1906) and could date to some renovations that were done in the forties. IÂd love to try and work with whatÂs already there, but if you have any suggestions for reasonably priced replacement moldings, IÂd be happy to hear them. Thanks!

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Check out oldhouseweb. I'm betting someone there will have a answer for you.

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