Lost my mind & found it again

Julie_MI_Z5July 18, 2006

An update on my July 9 post begging for encouragement:

DS is out of a wheelchair and on crutches full time, other DS is happy enough, DH is out of town, and I'm on vacation this week.

AND (the big news!) the house feels under control (not in great shape, but under control). It's amazing how much more I can handle when I get a whole night's sleep and I'm not overwhelmed by too much at once. Flylady & baby steps saved me again.

One thing that helped me most: Revamping the priority list and dealing first with the things that bothered me the most. Home-cooked meals are not a priority this week. Lint and debris on the laundry room floor, on the other hand, was making me CRAZY. The laundry room is down in the basement, nobody sees it except me, but it was just dragging me down knowing it needed to be swept. LOL Funny that the laundry was done but it was the floor that bothered me most.

I rotated 5 minutes in each room for 2 hours for 2 days, just removing the biggest aggravations. I've had time to relax, play on the computer, and feel MUCH better.


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I feel a sense of relief just reading your post! It's great to have energy and time to accomplish things. I hope you continue to climb back on top of your responsibilities.

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It's amazing how much more I can handle when I get a whole night's sleep


And yay to the idea that you invested time in the stuff that was really bugging YOU, even if it seemed illogical. The energy you got from getting those things done made a big difference, I bet.

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As I say to the kids, when I'm feel snarky, "It's not important that you understand. It's only important that I understand." As long as you understand that laundry room floor was bugging you, it's good enough for us!


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Talley Sue had the best word to describe my return to functioning---illogical!

Any normal interpretation of my to-do list would not have put the laundry room floor anywhere near the top of the priority list. I'm stunned, though, at how quickly other things fell into place once the most nagging jobs were finished.

Tomorrow is another vacation day for me. I've got my to-do list divided into manageable sections for the rest of the week. After I take DS to the doctor in the morning, I'm planning a "Hobby Afternoon" for me. How's that for more relaxed? LOL Something could always pop up, but I'm on the schedule for hobby time.

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