sagging floors

cowtumblesJuly 11, 2008

We recently bought an 1890 farmhouse. The kitchen had blue carpet and a carpeted platform in at one end of the kitchen. Needless to say it was a mess, so we pulled out the carpet and platform. Most of the floor seems to be subfloor and a small portion has linoleium over it. Our problem is that it sags in several places. The kitchen is partially over a over a wet basement. We have jacked up all the parts that we could. But we still have one area that has about a 1 inch dip in the center of the floor that we can't jack up. We would like to put down peel and stick tiles but no sure if they will stay down. Is there anything else we can do to fix the floor before preceeding?

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One word of caution about the old linoleum that's on the floor: It might contain asbestos. Better to cover it than to remove it, which should only be done by a specialist is asbestos removal. If you cover it, no problem.

Sagging floors are a common problem in older houses. I hope when you jacked it up you did so slowly, or you might cause breakage throughout the house due to the stress. Leveling a sagging floor involves putting in a new subfloor and, with some clever carpentering, propping up the new subfloor where the old one sags. I think a good carpenter with experience in this kind of thing can do it. For a DIY, it's a challenge. Good luck.

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Theres another post on GW here - Remodeling? where a roofer didn't treat a skylight hole properly and the new roof looked a little dippy - people had suggestions on how to get in the attic and try to raise it up from below a little with some support "joisting" (guessing on the word there.
Check it out.

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