Shiplap for backsplash

browneyes776February 12, 2014

I'm going to be adding shiplap for my backsplash and I'm wondering how much is too much vs. too little.

I have a wide galley with an L in one corner and the opposite corner has 6" of windows. The room opens to my dining room which as original shiplap from the 30s on the lower half of the walls. There's a bar height counter and wide opening between the rooms. Although this is an island it gives you a sense of how the parallel lines of the rooms would run:

Traditional Kitchen by Wilmington General Contractors S&W Home Builders

I'm wondering if I should take the shiplap around the room? or possibly on two walls like mamadadapaige:

Transitional Kitchen by Portland Cabinets & Cabinetry Pennville Custom Cabinetry

Obstacles are the corner windows and sink window which bump out and the fact that the shiplap from the dining room isn't an exact match (oh, and we already installed the baseboards :/).

I like that it references the dining room and the openness makes that link strong. I don't want it to look too busy or stripey but don't also want it to look like an afterthought. Any advice on striking the right balance would be appreciated.

FYI my cabinets are white in a shaker style, I've got white macauba counters and polished nickel hardware. My house has strong nautical/coastal overtones.

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Shiplap works best when you have a minimum of upper cabinets to be able to appreciate the texture that it brings to the design. It's much less successful when confined to the traditional backsplash space between the lowers and uppers.

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Thanks for that thought. I'm working on how much space I'll be adding it to at the moment. I love the look but don't want to end up over/under doing it.

In a perfect world I'd love to add it to my entry and another room too but those projects are on the back burner while I finish up this space.

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I wanted to add that I'm considering taking it all the way up on one wall and possibly more. The effect of the first kitchen would be a bit more like how mine would read. I do have a full wall that's basically empty that I could use it on but it is directly next to the dining room and could highlight that they don't match. I was thinking about possibly doing some kind of wall treatment and artwork on that wall instead.

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shameless bump - any help would be appreciated

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This is my favorite shiplap kichen on GW, might give you an idea or two.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alabamamommy's Gorgeous Kitchen

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Thanks so much, sc60. That's a gorgeous kitchen. I love the cozy feel of the shiplap paired with the really elegant touches throughout. MIne is the size of a postage stamp in comparison!

I'm really excited and also a pinch terrified - we're going to shiplap the whole kitchen! I just calculated all the lumber and made a cut list. DH is headed out later to pick it up!

I'm still working out what to do with the backsplash behind the range (which is only 5'' since the bar is behind it). I'm leaning toward some mother of pearl tile but my DH will probably need some convincing on that one.

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I can't wait to see your kitchen browneyes! It sounds like it's right up my alley. I so wanted a shiplap backsplash, but I have quite a bit of beadboard in my kitchen, and was afraid it would conflict. We went with subway tiles, which are great also. I have several areas in my house with beadboard (kitchen, bath, mud/pantry area), so I thought I'd better stop while I'm ahead:) I do love the way shiplap, beadboard, etc. adds texture to walls!

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Thanks, Lake_Girl, I'm like you, I like all things with texture. I'm hoping mine doesn't end up being too much. We've also got some in the dining room that's a different scale and only taken halfway up the wall.

I kind of wanted to do my entryway and another room but I think I'll be into the land of too much. I like it vertically too but I don't know how it would look to have both. The blogger of the inspired room has both and they're nice. I also love board and batten. Maybe it's because I like all white that I really enjoy the texture.

If I'm ever finished I'll see about posting some pics. Do you have any posts with pics of your space?

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I did post some pics a couple years ago, when we were updating our 90's kitchen. I'm not sure if they'll still come up. I have painted my green kitchen since those pics were taken. It's now Revere Pewter, with white beadboard. I loved my green kitchen, but it was time for a change:) I can try to get more pics, but kitchen is a mess right now:)

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browneyes-have you seen jenny_from_the_block's kitchen? It has all shiplap but may give you some ideas of how things can look. It's one of my favorite kitchens.

Here is a link that might be useful: jenny

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leela, thanks so much for posting that. You know, I did see her reveal and I remember really loving it at the time. I had forgotten that she did a shiplap. That is such a cozy kitchen.

I started working on the lumber yesterday. I sanded, and I'm 75% done with priming and the first coat of painting. I'm working on the floor with 16' boards - e v e r y t h i n g hurts today! I'm thinking I won't be able to move tomorrow!

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Does the wall behind the shiplap need to be painted? My contractor says no, but interior designer says you can see between the cracks. thanks!

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Hi smleary, well, it depends on how you are achieving the look. I ended up doing tongue and groove paneling and the walls underneath are not visible at all. I believe mamadadapaige achieved the look by ripping sheets of plywood to the desired width. In this case the wall would be visible and also the sides of the plywood. If I remember correctly she posted something about the sides really soaking up the paint. If you use traditional shiplap then I don't think the walls would show through either.

Oh, so here's something I did do. Because I used tongue and groove I knew that the boards would move some with the weather changes. I did prime/paint the boards before I installed them. I did the final coats once they were patched, caulked and installed.

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