Are colored appliances going to come back?

concretenprimrosesJuly 16, 2010

I hope so. I have a stainless steel stove (front only) in my 1920s home which is ok. I feel the big almond or cream fridge leaves something to be desired, but a giant stainless box would be hideous in my quite small kitchen.

I have a friend who painted her fridge but it is peeling. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm not doing a kitchen reno anytime soon and the fridge is right in the middle of the action, by itself (covering with cupboard look not possible.)

I'm toying with decoupage (dh doesn't want me to). Oh well at least the fridge matches the trim.


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My fridge is usually covered with the latest coloring book art, done by a niece or nephew. (LOL)

I think your almond fridge is fine, especially if it matches your trim. I don't know if avacado will ever come back in style (although the new copper/look appliances remind me of the cinnamon color freezer that used to be in my mom's basement) but there are many appliances coming out in colors now. The retro appliances, especially stoves (and Agas) are in red, blue, green, yellow, even a plum color, I think.

Decoupage could be one answer, but what about one of those message centers with the magnets on the back? Some come with calendars and a place for notes, etc. Usually they're in the office area of big box stores...or with the dorm room accessories.

Hope this helps a little :)

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Along with two tone kitchen cabinets?

Source: Retro Renovation.

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I have a similar problem, the new (old!) house we just purchased has a HUGE older fridge (thank goodness it's white at least!) plunked right in the middle of a wall, in between a window and a broom closet, with nothing else there. It is so out of place where it is, but until I remodel kitchen I cannot move that is one of the only grounded outlets in the kitchen right now. I was thinking about using the textured beadboard wallpaper (lowe's carries it now!) on the front and the sides of the fridge, (as opposed to boxing it in with cabinetry). I am going to be painting the walls a khaki color and I plan on painting the beadboard paper on the fridge the same color. My hope is that it will sort of blend in with the walls. I'm not quite sure what I would use to adhere the paper to the fridge, but I figure it's worth a try. Not sure if this idea would work for you, but anything is better than a big dinosaur fridge looking out of place in a quaint kitchen.

Here's my awkward fridge:

After I do the beadboard paper, I'll post another picture (assuming that it comes out looking ok!)

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Beadboard wall paper sounds cool. Not necessarily for my fridge, but I'm going to check it out. We just got a new Lowes in my home town, 25 miles away. Thanks.
Avocado wouldn't suit my kitchen, but I have a friend who would love one! I'd like a freezer on the bottom fridge next time if I can get one narrow enough.

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I'm sure you could paint your fridge and not have it peel if you used the correct type of paint (and possibly primer). I'd research on-line and ask in the home improvement stores...

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I just googled "refigerator paint" and there is a lot of information out there. You are not alone in wanting to change the look without buying a new fridge. I've found Sherwin Williams stores have helpful people who can tell you how to properly prep to paint just about anything!

Also googled "refrigerator skins" and "refrigerator panels". Kodu makes some very cool (but "mod") full door size stickers. Click on the link below and you can see any of their stickers illustrated on a fridge. And they are fairly inexpensive!

And, just for fun and ideas ('cause they look expensive) take a look at Frigo u-design panels in this link and you can google Frigo for more.


Here is a link that might be useful: kudo fridge stickers

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How about this red refrigerator!

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Good tip!

I see Amana is going beyond color into textures as well. How about "barb wire" or "cactus" to dissuade dieters?

Colour Me Cold

Here is a link that might be useful: Amana Color

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A lot of the upscale ranges are coming out in to-die-for colors, but I'm still going the stainless route.

The stickers are a good way to go on smooth appliances which have no heated surfaces, I find that interesting.

And, of course, decals are another way of saying stickers.
Trying the stickers and decals before attempting to paint could give you a chance to evaluate its appropriateness for your home.

One of the things I've wanted for a LONG time, as a thought which comes off the "barb wire" fridge idea, is to have a TOILET SEAT with barb wire embedded in the seat and lid. It was on Amazon, but shows as unavailable...more's the pity.

But the domino fridge door is quite nice. In fact I love it.I've also bookmarked the site for browsing later on.

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"...but a giant stainless box would be hideous in my quite small kitchen."

There are numerous stainless fridges that only have stainless on the door and colored (and magnetic) sides.

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Just checked the Amana post. All links dead. It looks like we weren't ready just yet for cold in many hues.

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Yet two tones cabinets are coming back with a vengence! LOL Maybe Amana was too early? European kitchens have color appliances...and isn't that where the two tone cabinets started?

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Of course they will come back. Once kitchen designers have the whole country fitted out in stainless they will need this hot new trend to get everyone to re-remodel their kitchens. If you can't cause the perfectly functional 5-20 year old kitchen to be perceived as "dated" your business dries up and goes away.

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My old fridge just died and I had to select a new one ahead of having a final plan for redoing my kitchen. I dislike stainless but neither do I care much for the evidently plastic trim on most white and black current models.

For my small tall kitchen, I found and bought a white small tall counterdepth refrigerator with metal handles. My notion is that if white does not go with whatever I end up with, I will try for chalkboard paint. The funky matte finish seems to me to not need other appliances to match. Also, Benjamin Moore is now advertising that they can provide chalkboard paint in any color. Russet? Aubergine? Mauve?

Here is a link that might be useful: Chalkboard paint frige

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All I can tell you is that Avocado green isn't coming back.

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Many older appliances had baked enamel then went to colored plastics or epoxy. A process available today is powder coating which can be used on different materials to add color and/or texture. There are even clear powder coats to protect finishes and translucent colors that can be layered for very interesting and exciting effect. You can have stripes, designs, or whatever with powder coating.

Powder coating can be seen on modern day car wheels, railings in buildings, toys, etc.. Surprising, many appliances are powder coated including those with a stainless steel look. Powder coatings are typically very durable too.

Call around to a few powder coating shops in your area. You should find a few that will powder coat appliance panels which won't peel off like paint.

With powder coats, you can also get different textures so ask to see some samples of textures.

Also, you've probably seen vehicle wraps on cars and trucks with advertising. A wrap covers the entire vehicle with colors and design. Wraps can be used on appliance panels too but you'll likely have to "drive" the panels over to the wrap shop to get a quote. :) Wraps are not as durable, but if you don't like it or want to make a seasonal change, you can do so at anytime. Wraps are durable but can be peeled away with some effort when necessary.

I will include a powder coating link below but am not endorsing nor have I ever used this company before. The link is simply for your reference.

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance Powder Coating Example

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Yes, but only in Golden Rod and Avocato!

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Ask a local car body shop it they would paint it for you and what price the would charge? if the paint sticks to cars it should work on a little old fridge.

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stainless is the new bisque. And it is called the white goods industry for a reason.

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Here is the fridge situation in my new (1929 old) house. There is a door to the side door and basement that I have to close to open the refrigerator. I just purchased a counter depth refrigerator to put in this space, it's about 6 inches less deep. I bought stainless. This fridge is gross it smells so bad, a bachelor owned the house for 15 years before me. The interior is awesome, smoked brown shelves with wheat shafts etched on them.

I'be been told to take out the arch and reconfigure. I just can't, this is where the fridge has always been, the icebox was here originally, convenient to the side door for ice delivery.

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Not coloured, but that '60s (?) stove is a keeper.

I once came across a 1920s stove in a house I bought. Not knowing any better, I put it on the front porch and the first person who came by asking about it got it for free!

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The oven on the right doesn't work, I was going to have them haul it away but am contemplating putting it in the garage for another day. I have the fantasy of a gas stove.

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