Induction is new to me and I feel stupid

PatspadsSeptember 12, 2013

I didn't know the cooktop was an induction when we moved in. I bought magnetic pots, but still can't get the "burner" to stay on. I know it must be something easy...Help!

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Have you tried different size pots?


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I have induction. Are you sure you are not lifting the pan once you've placed it on a hob? If you have, that might trip the hob.


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Thank you triciae and dcarch; I think the pots I got might not be strong enough. I put water in them & centered them on the closest fitting circle, but still it kept going off. I took out my cast iron skillet and it worked perfectly. Maybe I need pots with a stronger magnetic pull?

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Some induction cook tops can sense the correct size pots as well as correct metals to operate.


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Sounds like you solved your problem. Perhaps the pots you bought weren't really induction compatible. When I buy new pans for my induction stove top I just test them with the magnetized clasp on my purse. It's not the strongest magnet, but if it sticks to the pan, I know the pot will work on my stove top.

What is the brand of your cook top? And what brand of cookware did you buy? This is really an intriguing dilemma. I've found that you definitely have to test stainless steel cookware, though. Sometimes the magnet won't stick.

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I, too, have induction and the magnet test is not perfect. The magnet is the first clue and then I rely on the manufacturer's label and advertising to determine compatibility. Even so, I had one pot from TJ Marshall's claiming to be induction capable, which did not work. Magnet test has been flawed for me.

I have an assortment of pots and pans, from expensive to way not expensive which all work well on my cooktop.

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Could this be some sort of timer issue?

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