What Architectural Style is This Home?

abelloesqJuly 25, 2012

Can anyone tell me the architectural style of the home pictured in the attachment... All the sales, etc., listings for homes in this area list the style as "other." (translation "none!?-if so, what style(s) would be mostly closely associated with??) I recently purchased it and want to make changes but applying the standard advice that you should try to match the landscaping etc with the style of the home has me scratching my head. It is in Las Vegas and was built in 1968. (It has a large slate stone double sided fireplace inside and the front door area has some arch. detail but I cant seem to upload more than 1 photo-maybe can provide in follow up post) Thanks!

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Here's the inside fireplace...

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..and the front door area from the inside...

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Fori is not pleased

Definitely a ranch, with a plethora of palm trees and the wrong (or at least unoriginal) front door. Fabulous fireplace. Check out sites like retrorenovation.com if you want to get seriously ranchy.

COngratulations! But wow. Those palms! Awesome but tricky to design around!

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Thank you fori. I always thought of ranch style as reserved for longer-larger homes. Regarding the palms, I think the original owners were a bit off planting them in front of such a small home. I think the home seriously lacks in curb appeal and have been thinking of having all the palms removed but people generally tell me I am crazy whenever I bring it up. Your thoughts?

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Don't get rid of the palms -- they are magnificent and add character.

Your home lacks curb appeal because of the garage door. It is the dominant feature, yet is incredibly bland. Investigate something more interesting there.

You might also consider a style-appropriate arbor or superstructure to frame the entrance from the driveway to the front yard.

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Good point. I will definitely look into both options. Thanks!! I just hope I can find something to do that will be enough to get me over the fact the palms will still block view of the house itself.

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Lovely fireplace in one floor rambler. Congratulations.

Regarding the Palm trees: aside from hiding the front of the house where some color might be introduced by plantings, I always worry when sizable trees could fall towards the house. Don't know how stormy it gets out in LV, but here in the mid-Atlantic, with regret I had oak trees removed as they poised risk to body and house. We get micro-cell storm bursts with some regularity each summer.

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Fori is not pleased

I'm sure those palms were just cute little things when they were planted. :)

You really should run this by the landscape design forum. They can be a little tough but are usually helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/design/

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This is my first home and yard but I have thought about that as well. It can get pretty windy here-over 50 mph a few times this year. Re the fireplace, it too is interesting but is also creating a design dilemma for me. The home is small (1646 sq ft) and it is very predominate part of the living space, with one side in the dining/kitchen area and the other side in the Living room and its so busy I am afraid to use pattern anywhere near it and even anything other than neutral colors are scaring me. Also, on the LR side you really cant put chairs facing it so I am still playing with space planning (as seen in the pics have tried chairs and now couch-old owners had dining table in LR and den like area in kitchen)and am still trying to figure out what the heck style I like that would go well with it.

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or chairs...

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Fori is not pleased

It's really cool! And yes, really hard to arrange stuff in. I guess you could hang a TV over the fireplace. It looks pretty low.

Perhaps I oughta refer you to the home decorating forum too. :P You're going to have fun with this place I think.

I don't think healthy palms have a tendency to fall in high winds (western winds I mean. Not talking hurricanes!). They just drop big fans which aren't as hard on things as branches.

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Posted over in landscaping re the palms. Thanks fori. Inside, the tv is across from the chaise couch. There is a wall there with an opening between it and the FP side going into dining/kit and another opening on the other side of the wall going to to kit/dining. The room is not very wide though so you cant put seating in front of the tv and across from the couch so when people come over seating is awkward. Usually I just move 'em outside to the back patio, but that's not working out to well now that its 108 outside! Who knew it would be this hard...no, I mean FUN...I am trying to enjoy it but its just a bit over my head! I'll check out the other forum like you said and see if they want to join the fun. Thanks.

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Palms that size can go for a lot of money. I had a friend in Florida that was renovating her home and by necessity, had to remove several from her site. She sold them and got quite a bit of cash for each. If you really are thinking of having them removed, please don't just chop them down. They are beautiful and someone would probably love to give them a good home.

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