Pantry Reorganization

Melissa HouserJuly 14, 2008

I kept looking at ways to organize and stuff to put in my 24 inch deep pantry to organize it. I finally figured out that I didn't need to buy one single thing, I just needed to rearrange it so that the pantry wasn't a two-headed monster.

Hubby built me this huge shelf unit in the laundry room, so I had him put doors on two sections for storage. I also have a section in the middle of those which I use to hold things I don't want behind a door.

Without buying a single thing, I pulled everything out, got rid of old, out-of-date, or "won't ever be eaten here" stuff. Then, I took some of my old organizers (wire baskets and big jars) and redid the entire pantry. Big, seldom-used items were place in the back of the deep shelves, especially on the higher shelves. I consolidated all of my pasta bags into a wire basket in front of the top shelf and put all of the little stuff in other wire baskets at the front of other shelves.

I put things I don't use often behind other lightweight items. The deep fryer, roaster and cappucino maker are at the back of cabinets, which hurricane supplies and storage buckets are at the bottom. I also put my plastic-ware in here because it keeps it corralled.

I adore the shelf in the above picture! It holds up to 60 cans, including a row of taller cans that isn't showing in this picture. I asked hubby to put this on an angle, but he didn't quite get what I was asking, so these don't roll forward. I do, however, fill the shelves by reaching to the back so the oldest cans are always in the front.

I've been using this system for six months now and it works quite well, without spending a penny. It's a shame that I spent six months before that trying to figure out how to redo the pantry when it was finished in under a day.

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lissa, I love what you've done! That is exactly what I have been trying to get my DH to do!! We looked @ Lowes & HD for a free standing cabinet to hold the over flow from our small pantry but couldn't find exactly what we were looking for.

Especially I like the way you have your canned goods..I'm soooo jealous!!

Thanks for sharing your pictures:-)

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Melissa Houser

arizonarose, that canned good shelf is EASY! I went digging in hubby's leftover bucket for wood scraps and had already measured out the areas with plans to use glue when he came in and used nails to put it together. I need to paint the insides of all my cabinets white, but was in a hurry to put everything away the day I did this. :)

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It was worth waiting for the photos to load. I especially like the last picture, with the shelf that stores the cans on their sides. That is a very efficient way to use the space!

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lissa z9b, Do you mind posting your pics again? I have a 6 foot wide space in my breakfast room that I am going to build in a pantry. I want the space to be as efficient as possible. Thanks!

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lissa, I'd love to see your pics too.

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Melissa Houser

Here you go! Sorry it took me so long to get them reposted! :)

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Thanks for re-posting your pics. I really like the shelf with the cans on their sides. Willene

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