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candleberryJuly 5, 2014

We have been thinking about having a garage sale for over a year. Last weekend we came to the concusion that neither of us wanted to sit in the driveway for a weekend to make very few $ and deal with the hassel.
We put boxes of "stuff" and old clothes at the end of the driveway and advertised online. We didn't need to be there all the time but we met some great people who were so happy to have my old clothes and extra dishes. Some even tried to push money on us!
It wasn't easy to part with some stuff but it's gone and I don't miss it. In the end someone came along and said they would take the rest to a thrift shop.
We might have made a few bucks but this was so much more fun!

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That's really great! What a terrific idea.

Sometimes people set stuff by the curb with a "FREE!" sign, but the garage-sale-style publicity would probably make it more likely that more people will see stuff.

And how neat that someone *else* offered to cart stuff off to the thrift store.

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I have set out a couple of items and they go in a hurry. I now have a computer table to put out, but will have to grab a guy to come in and help.

I take most of my stuff to The Bethesda Gently Used Store. It is a way of helping them without giving money. All the people are volunteers except the manager.

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I have to say that a major unanticipated benefit of purchasing a home on a busy street is that items placed at the curb are gone in a snap. I have sold some things on CL, and donated others. But some things didn't really fit either category (used rugs, a bed frame), and "sold" right away when propped against the front wall!

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I just want to say that you made a good decision. My friends and I had a huge tag sale last weekend. After hours of carrying boxes, loading the truck, putting everything out, pricing it and sitting in the sun all day I made $54.00! People were arguing over 50 cents on a $50.00 item. I was so disgusted that I loaded everything up at the end of the day and brought it to Goodwill!

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We don't live on a busy street, and we still manage to get rid of a lot of stuff by just leaving it by the curb.

Some things just aren't worth the trouble to haul away, or try to sell, or to store in the garage until you find a home for it. If a stranger wants my cast-offs and they don't go to the landfill, I'm a happy camper.

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