HELP..other stainess steel sink options.. without Ticor

five4meFebruary 9, 2013

With the thought of having time on my side as I waited for my cabinets to be made, I figured I would order my two Ticor sinks... Not.. with what appears to be a company out of business, I am now on the hunt for other stainless options. Stages by Kohler are a bit too pricy but I do like the features..

Any help, direction or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I was going to purchase the Ticor S3510 needed a 33 base drain was centered in the back 10" deep. Second sink was same depth I think and needed a 12 base but was 8x12 the 8 is the part I need as it was running long rather then wide.

Thank you for the guidance

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Have you looked at Elkay? I like my Elkay Aqua Divide, and Elkay is not terribly pricey. My old kitchen had a 50-year-old Elkay stainless sink that, except for the "patina," looked like new.

Ticor is out of business?

Here is a link that might be useful: Elkay sinks

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Kraus. Many happy owners on this forum. 16-gauge stainless, comes with sink grid and strainer free. I'll link below a reputable website that also always has coupons for 5%-15% off (the home page will show the coupon code).

You could also think about Blanco Silgranit instead of stainless steel. Lots of fervent converts on this forum, who have converted from stainless steel sinks to Silgranit. The main reasons being no water spots, scratching, or dullness. Do a search on this forum for Silgranit and you'll come up with a lot of threads.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kraus Stainless Steel Sinks

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We have a Nantucket sink on the way?

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I love my Lavello but I believe they are more expensive then the Ticor. I think they are now running around $700.

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Nantucket here, been in about 4 months- really like it- and it's made in the USA.

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