Now that the backsplash tiles are down...

kwilson50February 1, 2013

Hi there. Working on my mostly DIY kitchen remodel. Pulled down the old backsplash tiles this week, leaving behind a hideous mix of paper backing from the tiles, adhesive, and drywall with some of the top layers missing. And one good gouge into the drywall early on. Probably planning to tile a new backsplash, several months down the road.
What should I do with this mess. Can I sand it down to one layer, cover it with a thin layer of something, or just tile over it after fixing the gouge. Or should I just suck it up and rip out the old and put up new drywall or other backer board when the counter is out. It's about 20-25 square feet, 40 years old. Kitchen cabinets are staying, new counters will be going in

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I think I'd rip it out and slap up some new dry wall. It won't have to look pretty, but I think you'd want a nice flat surface to start with.

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One issue is how much gypsum is exposed. Thinset does not stick to gypsum so well, and the gypsum wouldn't hold together anyway. If you have a lot exposed, better to either rip it out and replace, or just screw a sheet of 1/4" drywall or hardieboard over it.

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We just had this exact situation. The builder put down some sort of paste that looked like the type of putty you use on drywall, but it was thicker and more durable than that. He sanded that down and it looked ok while we waited for new tiles. Today they did the backsplash tile, using regular adhesive.

Sorry that is totally vague and not very useful! My main point is just to say that you might not need new drywall. I can find out more details if you need them.

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