What windows can I cover with storm windows?

terri76July 11, 2012

We need to replace 3 windows and I would like to reuse the storm windows we have or purchase new ones to put over the new windows. We replaced 4 windows many years ago with double paned vinyl. At the time I was told I didn't need storm windows. So we discarded them. In winter the wind blows hard against these windows and I can feel the air coming through in places. I know the storm windows would have at least broke the force of these winds. So I would like to put in some good windows and also put storms over them. Does anyone know what kind of a window I can put a storm window over?

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When we came here,we needed to fix 24 plus windows,we had storms to fit so most windows Id say.We had some guys that do just restoration do windows and storms to fit.

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Modern windows with triple tracks use up the space where storm windows normally fit. Double-glazed vinyl windows, if they are thicker than the orginal sash, may also consume some of the space where storms would normally fit.

Have you considered rehabbing your existing windows (and storms, if necessary). Wooden windows that are fixed up (weatherstripping, reglazing) are equally energy efficient as modern windows and will last longer and be re-hab-able again in the future if necessary.

Plus, they look nicer!


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terri, your situation is exactly why I am thrilled to have the original windows with storms. As Liriodendron suggests, you would be much better off rehabbing your existing windows.

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Another vote for rehabbing the existing windows.

The 80+ year old house we just sold has it's original wooden windows, with wooden storm and screens (that have to be switched out seasonally.) We've always kept the double hung windows maintained--no broken pains, etc. the same with the storm and screens. Well-fitting, well-maintained old wooden windows offer MUCH more weather protection than anything you're going to buy today (nothing beats wood as insulation, and 3" dead air space will trump a quarter of an inch every time). I find that our 'new house' with it's 50's windows doesn't compare--even the brand new, high end replacement windows I put in the living room don't do the job like our old wooden windows did. Miss them.

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Has anyone heard of Innerglass storm windows?

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Since we're discussing appropriate window/storm window combinations, I thought I'd mention the use of storms with stained glass and leaded glass windows. I don't know a lot about it, but before I throw a storm over a stained glass window, I'd do a lot of research. Without proper venting, the air in between the storm and the stained glass can reach temperatures that cause the lead cames to deteriorate, possibly even buckle.

I wouldn't touch vinyl replacement windows unless I could afford to replace them every 10 years (can't) and I liked their look (don't). The only person who benefits from that "upgrade" is the window salesperson.

Here is a link that might be useful: Discussion of protective glazing over stained glass

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The sidelight on my 1908 house has always had its original storm--wooden (three vertical lights and one bottom wood square)--granted, it isn't an airtight seal, so maybe that's why my stained glass hasn't deteriorated? From what I gather elsewhere, you need weepholes just like for other windows to handle condensation.

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