Old bathroom fixtures

GaleForceJuly 28, 2005

I thought you guys would like to see some of the fixtures we have in this house. As obscene as it sounds, we have 6 bathrooms on this property. Here is the coolest sink:

Here is a set of blue fixtures:

As much as the blue bathroom was the bane of my existence growing up here, we're going to keep them and go with some sort of older look with one-inch tiles to play up the blue. It will be a reasonable DIY project that way, it could be kind of funky, and it's a guest bathroom. :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Blue bathroom blog

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LOL! I have the same sinks. Your blue one I have in white it's in the master bath and the white one is just like the one in the downstairs half bath which I'm going to replace since the finish is coming off.
This house has three full baths and two half.
The three full baths have claw foot tubs. Each claw foot is a different size, apparently to "fill the space" they had to put a tub in.

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Between your 3 full baths and 2 half baths and the 6 full baths on our property, chances were very very good we'd have some common fixtures. LOL

We don't have the original fixtures and so are out of luck on such things as claw feet tubs. Someone told us this house used to have redwood bathtubs in it.


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Too bad that the redwood bathtubs were taken out. It would have been real neat to see them and see if they could be restored. That would be an extra special feature.

I took a look through your blog and the website on the restoration. Enjoyed my reading there :o)

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The house I grew up in was built in 1909. My bedroom was on the third floor and the bathroom had a toilet that had a completely round tank. To flush it, you pressed a round disk attached to a stem that was placed on the front of the tank near the top. There was also a clawfoot bathtub that I didn't appreciate at all. I used to go downstairs to my parents bathroom to take a shower.

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We have a full bath in the attic that I suspect was for a maid; there's a bedroom up there with a heating duct and a window. The other side of the attic is a room, but it is neither heated nor has an original window, although a skylight is there now.

The attic bath has a ballfoot tub, a very small one, with a retrofitted shower and a ring around the tub to hold the shower curtain. I love that tub! The main bath on the second floor has a totally non-remarkable tub and a tiny marble shower stall. I suspect that the house started out with a claw- or ballfoot tub in the second floor too, and it was replaced in an effort to "modernize."


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My kids use to complain cause there are no showers in this house only tubs. The youngest is now in college and complains occassional that at college there are no tubs only showers.
This is the first house I've ever had that I've had to buy furniture for the bathrooms so they wouldn't be so empty.
The master bath I bought a slipper chair, a small end table and a a hutch to cozy it up some.

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I like your blue fixtures. They are so cheerful. I have pink ones in my bathroom. Sometimes I would like something more neutral, but there's a part of me that likes them fine.


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I wonder how your bathroom will look like if you'll have a little remodeling of it. Paint your wall blue, make your tiles blue, then you'll have a blue bathroom. I think it will be nice,really cool!

Here is a link that might be useful: bathroom and kitchen guide

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I think blue tones on the wall would be great, also I think you should change the floor for a tiny blue tile.

Good Luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: HoMe IdEaS

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