Organizing/Storing Shoes

momfromthenorthJuly 29, 2007

My college age DD has shoes, shoes, shoes. Next week she is moving to another apt and will not have as much closet space. Does anyone have any ideas on how to store or organize 50-75 pr of shoes? (I know, *sigh* she really likes shoes!) She has an over-the-door garment bag type organizer which she uses for all of her flip-flops.

Any other suggestions?

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I used to be a real shoe hound. At my "peak" -- I had over 200 prs. I have maybe 20 now -- recovering from Imelda-complex.

I kept most of them in the box and organized them by color. Black flats, Black sling, Black Bows -- And I would always shelve them by heel height. If I was doing it now -- I would use the clear plastic boxes and still stack and label.

I also had 2 door mounted shoe racks -- I think they held a doz or so pairs and my most frequently worn shoes would go there.

I always was able to stack them on the shelves in the closet -- boots often went on the floor.

It always took a little time to put things away ..... but I am fantatical about my closet and clothes. If I could be that way about my office!!!


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great idea Cathy - thanks. I was looking at the clear boxes earlier today, thinking...but she'll like the idea of color organizing - she does that already with her clothes - and heel height. Thanks!

Any thoughts from others?

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I think shoe cubbies store the most shoes in the least amount of space. One pair per cubby, heel to toe. I couldn't find a picture of their free standing cabinets but I think they still offer them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cubbies Unlimited

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I have cubbies-type storage for my shoes now. I actually liked my box storage better when I had lots of shoes. I could label them better and keep them organized better.

The cubbies work great for me now -- but your daughter is also going to be on the move a lot in the next 5-10 years. (I have a 29 y.o and a 30 y.o. --- I need stock in U-Haul!!!) So she needs to find a simple system that will "go" with her.

One daughter used laundry baskets to toss her shoes -- boots went in one -- dress shoes in another --flip flops in another. It worked for her......... I'd hate it!


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Clear shoe boxes stacked neatly against a wall would make an interesting decoration for the bedroom or entrance... I think I shaw a photo of this someplace.


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clear storage boxes that stay in place when you slide the middle one out.

she could build a wall of these!

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Neat Containers'

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I saw this and thought maybe it would work:

They are $49 and hold 50 pair. The site has many shoe storage options.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Talley Sue--
Have seen these "Neat Containers" on line and am tempted. I like that they're dust-free and they seem to hold the most shoes in the smallest space.

Have you seen these in real life and do you think they hold up? (Guess I could order a few and check out the quality, hmmm?)

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I vote for absolutely having a system that lets you pull out one pair without everything else falling down. So Talley Sue's system. Or either RTA bookshelves and slide boxes in and out to access shoes. (original or clear plastic; how much do you want to spend?)

Maybe she needs different type of storage for different types of shoes. She needs to work with you on it after you gather ideas and sources for them.

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Here is a tip I leaned from a TV organizing show: Instead of storing both shoes facing forward the same direction, have one forward and one reverse. They sort of nest together that way and you can gain a lot of extra space when they are all lined up in a row - More so that I ever thought. You still get to view the front of the shoe when selecting a pair and also see the heel height at the same time.

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Lots of good ideas on this thread. For now, I went with cheap. (I'm still recovering from the school district's major tax hike.) I bought ten clear plastic shoe boxes at Walmart for just under $1 each. I'm gonna go back and get more. I don't have a perfect place to stack them, but I'm working on that.

Thanks for bringing this up!


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I have been using those Closet Maid or whatever shelf-stackers on my top closet shelf and line all my frequently used shoes there, plus on top I have a group of plastic 6-compartment (open at the end and in the top layer ) shoe storage things from Stack n Rack. I like those because they're smaller per compartment than shoe boxes, and so I can get more shoes on my top closet shelves (stored with one shoe to the front and one back, as noted above), and in theory I can pull the shoes out from the from the front without taking down a box or anything, but the shoes there do get very dusty. Also, they're too small for clunky slip-ons or laceups--best for pumps and sandals--so I tend to keep seldom-used shoes in those. So I'm tempted to revise my system and go to clear closed boxes for lesser-used shoes--especially if I reduce the # of shoes!

I've been encouraged here to be a bit bolder in discarding some shoes, but I think I will always keep a group in somewhat long-term "storage". These are ones I think I plan to keep for a long time despite not wearing very often because they're for a variety of more special occasions and I have a hard-to-fit foot, and find most dressy shoes dreadfully uncomfortable, and don't care if the style is not perfect--so I have never been able to just go out and get a just-right shoe whenever I want. So, I keep several pairs of black or neutral-colored pumps, dressy sandals, etc in different styles, heights that I can bear to wear, but are likely (but not guaranteed) to "go" with different styles of clothing that I may acquire over the years as styles go in and out. In theory, these could be put away in a less-accessible area (the historical shoe area) but I've been afraid that even I will forget what I have when I do get an outfit they might go with.

Or maybe that is just rationalization.... But if you have a narrow or hard to fit foot, you'll know what I mean.

I have gotten pretty good about trying to get rid of anything that seems to duplicate something--so if I do luck out upon a new sandal or pump, I try to coompare it to my archive of shoes and see if an older one now looks similar but shabbier, and then I feel good about tossing it.

For many years now I always store my shoes up high, rather than on the floor. Maybe it's the lighting, my vision, or whatever, but I like seeing them up high. Then because I wear mostly separates, I use of double-hung rods and my hanging clothes go down to the floor.

A professional colleague once came to work wearing one black shoe and one navy (they were the same style--my kind of gal) and that's when she changed her shoe storage system.....

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Frankie, I relate. Got long narrow feet and tend to hold on to shoes for a long time because it's hard to find shoes that fit well. I've had shoes re-soled and re-lined simply because I can't replace them. I stack my shoes in their original boxes on two top shelves hung the entire length of my reach-in closet. I keep boots on the floor - some in boxes, some standing with the card board inserts. Sandals are stacked in a different closet. I want to do the Schulte storage in my closets but have no ideas on an alternative shoe storage method. Am attempting to purge, but I think the overhead shelves are my best answer.

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For many years now I always store my shoes up high, rather than on the floor. Maybe it's the lighting, my vision, or whatever, but I like seeing them up high. Then because I wear mostly separates, I use of double-hung rods and my hanging clothes go down to the floor.

I agree--I mentioned this on another thread (mudroom, I think): I made a mudroom-like piece of furniture (to set in my DR near the door), and I realized it was inefficient to store the shoes on the floor. That meant I had to bend over twice--once to pick them up, and once to put them on.

So I put the backpacks on the floor, and the shoes above, at abdomen height. It worked really well.

It may be counterintuitive. But just because you WEAR them near the floor, doesn't mean the floor is the best place to STORE them.

Now I have a small stash of shoes (getting bigger--I've outgrown my back-of-the-door pouches, though I think I should put sandals in the out-of-season-clothes box to make room), and I keep them on the back of the door--no bending over.

I have WIDE feet, and tend to keep shoes for a while. My problem is that the leather usually tears or wears out right at the shoes, so I can't just repair them.

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