Summer Project and still haven't started!

laurmelaJuly 24, 2007

My summer project was to clean/declutter the office/room where things get thrown when no one know where they go! Well here it is July 24th and I haven't even started!

I think it is because it is so overwhelming! I know I should start small, maybe the sewing table, or the clutter on the floor, but I am stumped as I don't know where to put everything.

This room is shared by all 4 of us, DH, DD and DS and I, but I use it the most. I do research for a coupon website, so I am on the computer a lot.

But it also serves as a sewing room and storage room for all other stuff!

OK, I am rambling.

What is the best thing you did/have that helped you declutter?



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I think it is because it is so overwhelming! I know I should start small

I bet you're right. That does sound like a huge, huge chore, esp. since I bet you still don't know where lots of that stuff goes, right?

I find that, when I'm overwhelmed, it helps to "do a dozen."

Get 12 things out of there. No matter where in the room it comes from. I sometimes wimp out and do only the easy ones first, but then I found (just a few months ago) that this leaves me w/ only hard ones at the end. So my vote: one hard one (gotta create an alternate storage space for it, perhaps), and 11 easy ones (you know where they go, or you know you can toss it, etc.)

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Yes I already tackled the sewing table, that is done! Now for the stuff on the floor, geesh I wish my family would put their stuff away instead of leaving it or throwing it in here.

Onward and upward!


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It sounds like you think it's your job to do it. I think if the whole family uses the room however, it keeps everyone more motivated if you deal with the room together. (Never mind it gets the job done much more quickly!) If every one takes ownership in helping clear out the clutter, they will also be more motivated to keep it clean, because all will know where things go. Could you use the organizing shows as a template, and schedule a weekend for everyone to get the job done?

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What made me start? Finding brown recluse spiders in the house.

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Actually I would love to have everyone help, but I know that won't happen. Actually, if I do it myself, then I can claim it as my room! I found some cool file folders today to help organize my desk. Need to clear off the floor and find some where for the bins of flannel to go!


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Talley Sue, that 12 idea really clicked with me today! I, too, have an office that needs to be reorganized (it's just mine, so I can't blame anyone else) and I'd heard the "remove 12 things" idea before but forgot it. Then I looked at my junk table and thought how quickly 12 becomes 144... there is hope! Woo hoo!

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I had to tackle my spare room that sounds similar to yours when my DH moved his offict home and to that room.

It took me a whole week, including painting to make it a business office rather than a catch all room.

The trick for me was a deadline, so make yourself a deadline and reward yourself when it's don.

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I have a room like that. it is overwhelming to say the least when we bought this last year, there are no closets down stairs. so I proceeded to make it a closet I bought clothes racks, for all of the clothes I do not wear every day, and off season clothes. Then there was no linen closet, so all linens,meds,bandages, gift wrapping paper,etc extra toilet paper,bath soaps, shampoos. Then I bought a sewing machine.(the old sewing machine is in there too. And the tools that I need to often to go down to the celler for. Then the clothes racks (not being good ones) fell. It realy is overwhelming.So far I have wired one of the racks to hold til I can find some that are better built. thats as far as I have gotten.I need direction..L O L Gail

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