scrappy25 : my hacked Ikea rangehood

dawn_tFebruary 7, 2014

As requested: here you go :)

I started with a 30x24x24 fan cabinet frame (although in hindsight, a 30x30 base cabinet frame might have worked better).

I cut the face edges so that the cab was 20" deep and assembled with extra screws. 24" deep seemed to stick out too far over the stove...
I also raised the bottom of the frame so that it was recessed 4" up into the cab. This was so I could place the metal liner, for the blower, in the recess and it remained hidden. Just used a Broan 400 insert.

Attached 15x15 cab doors, and filled the gap below them with a piece(s) of 3/4" stock mdf. I cut a small arch in the stock to try and fancy it up and it reflects my doorway arches.

The small crown style shelf is just a cheap 30" floating shelf from Walmart. I think the corbels came from Rona and are probably meant as drapery holders lol. Plan to fill the holes with spackle (some day...)

I still need to line the sides as the cab sides are not long enough with the front piece added (see note above re: using 30x30 frame instead). And the whole thing needs filler pieces next to the wall cabs on either side.
Some day the crown molding and light rail will be added....


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wow, thanks! That is very creative and will look great once caulked. So the sides are the native 24" height? What did you mean by this statement since the Ikea cabs are usually solid at the bottom- did you just cut a hole for the exhaust pipe?
"I also raised the bottom of the frame so that it was recessed 4" up into the cab. "
Thank you for posting!

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I'll see if I can explain it better:
Instead of building the cab box as usual, I moved the cabinet bottom piece, up inside, just enough that it would hide the metal liner and then fastened the bottom to the cab sides.

The metal liner is like an upside down cake pan when installed, and if I had attached it to the finished cabinet bottom, without recessing the bottom, it would have been completely visible...
It's been awhile, but I *think* I had to drill new holes for the camlock system, to attach the pushed up bottom.

The bottom has a large, square cut out that the blower intake rests over, and is covered with the grease screen. The blower will vent straight out the back wall, directly outside.

I say *will* because I'm waiting until DH goes on a fishing trip to finally cut the vent hole. He's having a fit about me cutting an exterior wall hole *rolls eyes*

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Thanks for this! I love posts that make previously mysterious things seem possible.

LOL about waiting for DH to leave for a fishing trip.

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Very creative!

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Its a going on 6yr old kitchen that's never been officially "revealed" bahahaha :)

Not sure if it's due to exhaustion, lack of time, the unfinished state of it, insecurity, or the fact that it's usually covered in cats? No wait - it's because the camera's always MIA ......

That said, I'm proud of the fact that it's a complete DIY. DH says I built this house using only eBay, Walmart and Ikea :)

I do retire this fall (nursing) and I resolve to be finished by Christmas!

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