How do you clean your scraping tools?

graywings123July 24, 2012

I have been using a collection of putty knives and scraping tools to remove paint from the exterior of my house along with a heat gun. How do you clean these tools to remove the buildup of paint that is probably a mix of latex and oil based paint? I can knock off the big chunks, but can't get down to clean metal again. Is there a good Dremel attachment to use? I don't have a grinder. Will soaking them in mineral spirits damage the metal?

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Mineral spirits will not damage the metal, but may not work very well.

It can weaken plastic handles.

Many of the paint hardening reactions are very 'one way' and the resulting film is no longer really soluble.

It can be broken down chemically, but not really 'dissolved.'

I usually heat the scrapers up with a heat gun and then use folded paper towels to wipe off the softened material before the tool cools again.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I just sand em with 60 grit

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I use an infrared unit and EZ Way for the last bit of stripping, so I have the EZ Way around... and the EZ Way is good for cleaning tools. Unlike strippers that need clean-up with water or a solvent, EZ Way IS a solvent, more or less.

Karin L

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I just use one tool to scrape another; I'm always using a putty knife, paint scraper, chisels, screwdrivers, etc. when heat-gunning, an they all need frequent de-gunking esp. where latex is involved. And every so often, yes, coarse sandpaper.

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"I just sand em with 60 grit"

Make sure you oil any now bare steel to prevent rust.

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