What do you think of this CL sectional?

BoopadabooFebruary 5, 2013

I am constantly on the look out on CL for a sofa. The last set I bought new, for cheap, and it is showing. :( The attached back cushions are ripped and smooshed.

I like the colors on this. I have no idea how much to pay for something like this since it says it was custom made. It was 1500 now is 1200. It is a bit far from here. I can't tell if it is worth going to see.....

Of course I hope I don't jinx myself by posting it here. I just cant decide. if it was closer, I would go see it in a heartbeat.

I had been looking at a pair of Restoration Hardware sofas on CL not too long ago, but I obviously did not end up getting them. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: CL sofa

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I like the slim profile of it, and I like the stripes. The loose back cushions would drive me crazy. And the price is high for used furniture, IMO.

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I like it and don't mind the loose back pillows, but I agree that is a really high price for used furniture.

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I like it very much, bit I also don't care for loose pillows. But they're great for making forts!

This looks to be a very expensive sofa. If you like it, I think it would be worth $1000. What's the worst that could happen if you go look at it? That you wouldn't like it and wouldn't buy it. OTOH, you may fall in love with it. Take the risk.


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Boop I wouldn't like it for me, but it is so you! You love bold colors and prints. You should go look at it.

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I love that sofa. If I saw that on my local craigslist, I'd be tempted and I don't even have a spot for it.

And it does scream "boop"! You should definitely go see it. I would try to negotiate the price, but even at asking price, that's a well built sofa in a very expensive fabric and it doesn't look like it's had a hard life. And you definitely won't see another one come along on Craigslist next month. I think that one is worth a drive.

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natebear zone 10B

I will reiterate that even at $1200 it is still too much. In my opinion, what the seller paid for an item new is irrelevant. Personally, I would pass on this sofa. The back cushions look especially worn and it seems they were fluffed prior to the picture just to get them to look that good. No worries, another sofa will come along. :)

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I like it too, it's different, and it sure looks like you! It's intriguing in part maybe because the colors are set off against that blue wall, but it also looks like velvet. What type of fabric is it?

I'm wondering about those cushions also but I think you showed pictures of liking the slouch look? Although this sofa has sleek lines.

Check it out priced new to compare what you'd be up against. $1200 is a lot for a used CL sofa from the unknown.

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It says the back cushions are down. I would expect them to be comfy and slouchy. :) the ad says this.....The velvet striped fabric is by GP & J Baker by Lee Jofa and in great condition. I think that is a good fabric.

Oy! I feel like I need to go see it too. Now how to convince DH that the 40 min drive after work in the wrong direction is worth it.

I agree that $1200 seems like a lot, although it depends on how well made it is I would think. Do the covers zip off can you get them cleaned? I dont' know what the right price is. :) I do like that cushions are not attached so you can move them around and flip them over.

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What I notice is how the stripes on the sides relative to the back and on the bottom relative to the cushions line up. Isn't that a sign of a quality upholstery job?

Don't forget, if you decide to make an offer, that you will have to get that large piece moved to your house.

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I like it and, perhaps before you set it up to see it, you should think about asking if he would accept 1000.00 I highly doubt he'd turn you down. Most sellers only expect half of the original value.

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I don't think that we know what the original value is. It looks like a pretty expensive sectional to me. I think that boop meant that the CL seller was originally asking $1500, and has lowered their price to $1200.

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I like the lines and the fabric. If the cushions are down, then it will probably be pretty comfortable. My biggest regret in buying a sectional is that ours is not comfortable. I say go for it!

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It easily could've been a $5000+ sofa. You need to see it in person, but I doubt you could buy the fabric new for $1200 retail. I don't think it's irrelevant at all what the original seller paid, I think it gives an indication of what the quality is, you certainly couldn't buy anything close to it for $1200 even at a great sale. (which needs to be confirmed in person)

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Re:the price, it should be half or LESS of the original on craigslist. It the buyer overpaid, that's his/her problem. When buying second-hand upholstered furniture, the seller should keep in mind it might have to be reupholstered, meaning the price needs to be realistic.

Very 80's retro. ;o)

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I am still working on DH. :)

I do not know the original purchase price. The ad says it was custom made, so I can't look it up. I think Palimpsest is right, and that it was an expensive sectional. I did mean as terriks pointed out, that a week or so ago it was listed on CL for $1500. this week it is listed at $1200.

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Boo, have patience! In a week it will be down to $500. ;o)

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natebear zone 10B

Let me elaborate on the irrelevance of the purchase price...I meant that some sellers boast "paid $13,000 new" when in reality, it just means they overpaid for their mdf with hardwood trim piece of furniture. There are constantly sales at major furniture dealers and just because someone chose to pay full price for the newest trend is irrelevant to me.

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I disagree with applying the standard rule that everything on Craigslist Must be 50% or less of its original value.

This takes nothing into account as to its current Replacement value.

I probably wouldn't give 20% of the original value of a typical furniture store sofa that was 5 years old. I don't think it would be worth 50% of its original value. I don't think it was worth 50% of it's original value brand new, in some cases.

On the other hand a 40 year old custom sofa through Henredon that is in good shape may be worth 100% of what the buyer bought it for in 1973 dollars. If they spent $1000 then, it could easily translate to $5000-6000 now, and $1000 in 2013 dollars would still be a great bargain.

But because of this hard and fast "rule" that everything needs to be 50% or less, people think they are getting a great bargain paying $400 for a relatively new LaZBoy sofa and that the seller is trying to rip them off asking $1000 for an older Baker sofa. That's just not so.

I paid $1000 for my 40 year old commercial-grade sofa even though it had a lot number written on it with a Sharpie and the upholstery was clearly shot, because with another $1500 or so in upholstery and labor, I had a $5000, essentially new, sofa for $2500.

From the seller's standpoint I tried to sell a couple pieces of L&JG Stickley, circa 1995 on Craigslist by the 50% rule. People were offering things like $100, an aggressive local charity offered to take it away for free.

I put it into a no reserve auction and I ended up clearing 50% of what I paid, on a bad auction day. The estimate was up to 95% of what I had paid, based on "good day" sales.

Between people wanting things for nothing, the emails from the mentally ill and the spam emails from North Africa, I now reserve selling on Craigslist as an alternative to putting it out on the sidewalk and hoping someone takes it.

In any case $1200 x 2 = $2400 and that would not get a high quality sectional now, and hasn't for a number of years.

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boop, I don't know what happened to my post, but to repeat, the piece just looks like the asking price is reasonable. I can't agree with pattycakes on factoring in the possibility of having to reupholster. The fabric makes the piece, visually.

Who knows whether it will be $500 in a week. It's possible there will be another reduction, but IMO only because it's a large piece of furniture, possibly too large for many houses. It's almost too large for our sunroom, and the room is quite long. I measured. ;)

mdf with hardwood trim? Hardly.

Out of curiosity, I skimmed through some CL furniture listings for one of the regions around here. I found a sectional, too, and for $1,500! It's dark blue "velvet" with many blobby back pillows that look like deformities. I found another one in a dusty rose fabric, maybe $1,000. The first one evoked feelings of horror and loathing; the second one was a complete bore. That doesn't mean much, since I know little about sectional pricing, but it does give a flavor for what's out there perhaps.

I think you and DH should go look at it. You can assess any wear and tear, test for comfort, and get the seller's contact info.

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natebear zone 10B

I'm being misunderstood and I'm probably just sensitive tonight as well. I didn't mean this particular piece of furniture looks like MDF with hardwood trim. I have a bit of experience as a Craigslist shopper & I run into sellers who don't recognize junk from quality and are overinflating their asking prices based on what they paid. I'm not saying that's the case here. Rather, that IMO $1500 is high. I see some lumpiness & shifting of the fabric. The OP said the same is happening with her current sofa. I wouldn't want to be banging my head on the back of the sofa 6 months from now after investing $1500.

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Love! Go see it. Go get it!

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I'd pass on it. I don't thnk it's appropriate for a sunroom. Plus, those cushions will constantly have to be plumped up to look nice.

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It would not be going in a sunroom. It would replace this leather sofa.

And soon my furniture will not be all smooshed together. It is blocking my ds from the fireplace. He is learning to walk and climb.

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Boop, that sofa is perfect with your other fabrics and perfect with your wall color. You are crazy if you don't at least go see it. I think it would tie the whole room together.

Though I will say that you may find the leather sofa easier to clean up with little kids - we had a lot of spilled sippy cups and, unfortunate vomit incidents when mine were growing up. But I would still go for it - it's too perfect for you not to.

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I think I see some of the fabric for this sectional on eBay NOW! Since the photos of the sectional were taken at night, this may give you a better idea of what the true colors are.

Here is a link that might be useful: GP&J BAKER Atlantic Velvet Stripe Cotton England New 2y

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I like it a lot. However I used to have a couple of chairs with down cushions for the backs and they would get smooshed down everytime they were sat in. No one else cared but I was always plumping them. So if it would other you I suggest you pass.

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I have 2 very large, down filled, loose back cushioned, green velvet sofas that I bought at a yard sale 22 years ago for $500. 4 children, dogs, and now grandchildren, food, spilled juice, milk, wine etc and I still love them. Sometimes I plump and sometimes, who cares. Recovering would cost close to $5,000 with similar fabric, so I love them just the way they are.

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Wow, my3dogs, you have a good eye. From what I've read cotton velvet is supposed to be one of the best quality, I think.

Like I said, the loose cushions would not bother me. My previous sofa had them. I agree, go look at it. At that price, it is unlikely to fly off CL.

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I love it!

It's probably pretty regoinal, but I don't think that price is that high. I'm not that far from you.

I've been looking for months for a quality sofa on cl that I liked, and I am close to giving up and going with ikea (I have 3 children in a small home and don't want to worry about stains and wear on a high quality sofa right now). I tried to buy a 5 year old ethan allen sofa for $500, but I didn't want the love seat and chair he was trying to sell with it for a total of $1200....someone bought it within a week as a package. So I think your price sounds pretty good!

Btw, I just saw this listing on cl and thought of this post!

Here is a link that might be useful: the striped sectional's cousin

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