what can I use for table legs?

blackcats13July 4, 2009

I was recently thinking I would like a table in my basement to work on, or fold clothes on. A week later - there was one in the alley! It's pretty perfect for what I need except the legs aren't tall enough. It's probably about dining table height, and I want something I can work at standing. I unbolted the legs to get it in the basement, so I can easily take one with me to HD or whatever, but what could I get to replace it? Looks don't really matter.

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Two garbage cans? I'm sure HD will have longer legs in stock BUT they will cost you dearly.
Maybe sawhorses would work? A set of cabinets then you'd have storage too.

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What are the existing legs like? If they are straight, you could just go buy some lengths of thick-walled plastic pipe like the white stuff for irrigation systems, or grey electrical conduit, or the black sewer line pipes. Pick the one that has an internal diameter just big enough to fit over the existing legs. Then buy enough for four lengths that are the height you want, slip them over the existing legs, and you have a sturdy, clean, and cheap way to elevate the table.

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You can guy turned spindles at any hardware store, used in stairways, and all different lengths. They're decorative too, and should mount as easily as a table leg.

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Also, Ikea has a lot of cheap legs. I got some adjustable height ones that I installed on the bottom of a butcher block island to have it at a 36" height. Just depends on how much work and expense you want to go to.

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Another vote for Ikea. They have quite a selection.

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And you can order through the mail if you don't have Ikea near you.

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Or Adams Wood products, or any number of other vendors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adams Wood Products

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I knew you guys would come through!! I will explore all these and pick the one best suited. Thanks!!

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