will carpet tape ruin hardwood floors?

lnaramoreFebruary 5, 2008

Hi there. I have some new jute/wool area rugs to lay and the corners are curling like crazy. I have laid heavy books across the curling ends for two weeks but no help. They are on grippy floor pads but they just roll that up too.

I went to get carpet tape but the guy in the store (a local kid) said the glue on the tape would ruin the wood floor underneath.

Hmm. Any recommendations on what will solve my curling problem without damaging my wood floor underneath? Or is there a glue remover when I do want to move the rugs that will take the tape up? Should I steam the edges? Other thoughts?



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I wouldn't do it - because you wouldn't KNOW if it damaged your floors until you tried to take off the tape!
There was a thread yesterday and someone said they took a vinyl stick-um tile and glued that on the underside of the carpet at the corners and now the carpet is laying flat.
They may have said they cut it in half to diagonally first.

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Hi Laura,
I use rug tape under the rug in front of our kitchen sink on the hardwood floor and have for years. No damage! I got the tape at Linens and Things and it's a roll of yellow net looking stuff and I just put it on the four corners. Rug stays put, floor stays dry. I change the tape whenever I wash the rug, and thought I have had to rub a bit of residue from the floor there's been no damage.

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Oh, please don't put carpet tape on your wood floors!

I have only one rug that I have to keep in place, right at the front door, and I use the stuff sasafras refers to. So far so good, it has not harmed the wood. (If it did, DH would be really PO'd at me after all his hard install work!)

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I don't know but just wouldn't do it. There could also be subtle differences in flooring finishes and tape mfrs that maybe would get by ok at one person's house and not yours.

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Thanks guys! I'm going to linens and things to check out that tape - -it sounds different than what I picked up at the hardware store. Of course, I'll walk out with $250 of other stuff I didn't need....LOL

Does anybody think steaming would relax the fibers? Or some other treatment?


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Some steam might help. Maybe roll them in reverse and put them in a steamed up bathroom overnight.

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Those grippy rug pads -- aren't those synthetics bad for floor finishes? You might also try one of the heavier fiber pads, or whatever is appropriate, and then tape the rug to that instead of the floor. The ones I've seen are maybe 1/4" thick.

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I too have used the adhesive backed linoleum floor tiles to keep rug corners down. A tiny investment.

All you need is two tiles cut diagonally but if the curl is severe you may want to use a whole tile for the added weight. Peel the paper off the back of the tile, stick the tile to the back of the rug just shy of the corner edges and you're done.

I did this to a rug probably 15 years ago and it is still working fine.


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Did you reverse roll it when you put the books on top?

I would try that if you didn't.


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