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beverlyflaFebruary 28, 2014

Different trade organizations from time to time will send new product releases to designers. Not all of these items are interesting, however, today I got to see some really clever light fixtures from a manufacturer in Spain. I am passing these images on only because I think they may inspire some great design. I love the organic, fun shapes. I only wish I had a home large enough to hold the large fixture. Kind of "floating sculpture".

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I love those. Thanks so much for sharing them. I love seeing them hung in a room to be able to appreciate their massive scale.

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Nice dust-catchers. But fun to look at!

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I love them. I would hang the second one in a flash. Are they very expensive?

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The first one looks a bit too Ikea for me, but I love the second one.

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I love the LZF lighting. I almost bought one of them for my dining room last year, but the dimensions were wrong. They do make some that aren't huge, and they are amazing in person-- not Ikea looking at all. They are wood, and they look (and are) expensive. The problem is finding them to see in person before you buy (and I live in the NY metro area, but it still took some doing), and even if you do find one or two in a store, you probably won't see the particular one you are looking for. They come in all sorts of colors, too, and cast a really nice light.

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