driveway ideas for stone house?

sam_bJuly 5, 2008

Hello everyone,

I'm new here... just joined today. I've been on this site for HOURS already!!!

BKGRD: We live in an old stone house (1854) with rustic charm. It's a story and a half, flat fronted --- centre door, window to either side, three windows above. It was one of the first homes built in our small Ontario, Canada town. It was built from a mixture of cut limestone and granite fieldstone by a Scottish immigrant. It sits practically on the sidewalk on our town's main street, maintaining its European feel.

QUESTION: We want to replace our shabby, sparcely-gravelled driveway with --- ???. What goes best with real stone? Fortunately, the house didn't cost us much and it is now paid off, so we're not too restricted by budget (within reason). We were thinking about cobbles, but is that too much stone against stone? We don't really care for stamped concrete or asphalt. We're worried that manufactured cobbled pavers would look fake next to the real stone, but we did see some nice Unilock cobbles installed at an old wood-sided house that looked pretty good (Courtstone?). We don't mind the look of gravel, but it adds a lot of weight to the shovel come winter!

Your ideas would be greatly appreciated! Oh, btw, the driveway will lead under a carport that will double as a covered entertainment area (cars moved out) that connects to our patio.



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I wouldn't use cobbles because they're hard to walk on, they'll be hard to shovel in winter and yes, they'll look too much like the house. My first idea was something natural looking (like well kept earth minus weeds) with flower box borders if you have room for them. What about a tannish colored slate? Or would that get too slippy in winter... Why not drive around and see if there are similar houses in the area and what they're using?

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I used used brick on an older house with fieldstone and came out pretty nice.

The Porch Guy

Here is a link that might be useful: lbum

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Welcome, SB.

Brick was my first thought too, especially in an interesting pattern/layout. It doesn't have to be red brick either, brick pavers come in so many colors now that you could pick something really compatible with your house that lets it be the star of the show. We live in NH which also has plenty of nasty snow and ice, and our previous house had brick walks which weren't too bad at all for shoveling. Certainly way better than the [expletive deleted] gravel driveway, most of which ended up in the yard from plowing/shoveling and got kicked up by the lawnmower the next spring/summer!

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Concrete. It's easy to maintain in winter, works well with stone and works well for entertainment,

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