what is the style of this funny, cute house?

kristin_cJuly 5, 2013

It's not my house ... just an unusual style for the area. Am I right in thinking "Tudor-meets-Art-Deco"? The dining room built-ins look very Craftsman to me, but there is all the twee leaded glass in the living room built-ins, and the stained glass. No interior exposed beams to speak of.


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I think it's '10s-'20s Tudor Revival. It has some elements in common with Art Deco, but mostly because of the time it was built. It's a real pity the windows on the front were replaced during the picture-window craze of the mid-century. A cute house, even so!

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Link to photo

Here is a link that might be useful: link to photo

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The use of a jerkinhead (clipped/ hipped/ truncated/ Dutch/ German) front facing gable is a rare variant of the the American Tudor style which was based primarily on late Medieval English manor houses and cottages and prominently featured steep full-faced gables. This Continental variant was sometimes called a "Germanic Cottage". It is essentially an American Tudor house without it's most characteristic and charming feature.

Cute? To me the style is heavy handed to the point of looking sinister but how could they have anticipated the Master of the Dark Side? I would skip this house on Halloween.

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Oooh, "jerkinhead". See, that's the kind of word I never would have discovered without this forum. Thanks, I love it :)

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Circus Peanut

LOL Renovator! It is indeed a Darth Vader house, but I rather dig it just for that alone. The layout and preservation of the kitchen & built-in elements is charming.

My 1910 Shingle Craftsman also has the jerkinhead roof, albeit on the sides.

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