MOLD! Should I be concerned?

piscesgirlJuly 27, 2007

We purchased a 30 year old home a year and a half ago. During our inspections it was discovered the house had mold in the attic. We were told it was because the insulation what covering the eaves not allowing the air to circulate. They tested the mold and found it to be non-toxic (thank god) and had it remediated and pulled the insulation away to let air breathe in the attic and told us we should be fine.

Well this year my husband went to do some work in the finished basement (it's a 70's faux wood paneling over drywall). He pulled away a wood panel and found mold on the drywall. The basement, although dry (no flooding or wet walls) feels damp. We could run the dehumidifier non-stop and empty a bucket of water at least every other day. Funny because when we purchased the house the inspector said the basement was nice and dry and it did feel dry down there. I guess they must have been running two de-humidifiers or something because it hasn't felt that way since. My husband says it is because we live in the woods an there is just a lot of moisture/dampness in the air...not much we can do.

Then we went to start some renovations in our kitchen. We were taking out the old formica countertops and tile backsplash. When my husband was pulling off all the old tile backsplash & drywall it was attached to, he noticed mold on the inside of the drywall in our kitchen.

Now I am concerned. Do we have mold all over our house? Should we be doing something about this? Should we be taking down all of our drywall in the house and re-doing with green backerboard? Is this something we should just let be? Is this common? My husband didn't seem to be too concerned. His comment was just, "that's what happens when you use paper".

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You could put dehumidifier on timer and run hose so you wouldnt have to empty.Thats what we do.

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are all your mold findings from one particular side of the house? you might want to look at the foundation/rain flow, etc. if it is.

i'm surprised a piece of panelling wasn't pulled away from the wall during inspection. might sound a little extreme, but panelling always seems to be hiding something.

best of luck to you.

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Anyone in that situation should be alarmed. Mold is nothing to be trifled with, and if mold is found to be hiding in various parts of the house, it is best to hire a mold removal company to try to remove them. Mold is hazardous to health and can be transmitted through air, causing all sorts of respiratory problems.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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