Type of Architecture of this 1912 Pennsylvania House?

ElDellJuly 17, 2012


I am new to this forum. We have just bought a house in Willow Grove, PA, and it looks like the picture that is attached. Does anyone know the architectural style? If so, would it be possible for me to be pointed to links about this style of old house, so I can get more information about who may have built it, how it was built, what the original kitchen may have looked like, etc?

It is merely listed as "colonial." Does anyone know if this is a Dutch design?

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Where's the front door? Are we looking at an end of the house or the true front?
Gable to the street with a central chimney is not any typical form.

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Could be a georgian turned sideways with replacement windows on the bottom and the roof added for sun/rain protection.

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I think it's a colonial revival with the Front facing the other street.

My sister lived in a Dutch colonial revival with the side sunroom, but there were variants in her neighborhood where the house was turned on a narrower lot, or for some sort of variety, I suppose. This looks just like the side of her house (without the gambrel roof) Is the stairwell roughly in the middle of the house from front to back?

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I grew up in a Dutch neighborhood in a house which resembles your piture. It had the gambrel roof in the front, the glassed in porch, but with a front door entrance. It was built in the early 1920's as I recall.

I researched Dutch colonial revivals and the fireplace chimney were at times installed in the house front or back as your picture shows. Also, the door entrance was often on the side of the house not the front.

Yes, I would agree with you this is one of many types of Dutch Colonial revival homes.

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for all of this information. My husband just told me he had a feeling it was Dutch because it resembled many of the houses he grew up around in Brooklyn.

I wish I had more picture of the house. All of the pictures that I had had of it were taken down from the real estate website because we bought the home.

The glass porch you are looking at is in fact the front of the house. The entrance is through the glass sunporch and is on the left of it as you are facing it as in this picture. So you enter through the porch, and then there is of course the second front door, which brings you right into the living room. When you enter, the fireplace is immediately to your right, and the staircase is immediately to your left.

You walk diagonally through the living room to get to the large dining room, and then to the left of the dining room is a small kitchen that leads out to a back door.

So the "back yard" is kind of the side yard, and the front of the house seems like the side of the house. I find the house sooo very unusual, and it has so much soul. It is hard to describe. Again, thank you all. When we get inside next month, I will take a lot more pictures and post them.

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It looks Dutch to me but I really don't enough knowledge to say. That said Willow Grove is a beautiful area. Congrats on your new home.

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Dutch Colonial generally must have some feature peculiar to Dutch architecture in the US, like a gambrel roof, or curved/flared eaves. Without that distinguishing and defining feature it reverts to "plain. ordinary" colonial revival. The particular style with the quarter-circle windows in the gable, is actually the "Amityville Horror" house style.
There are reference books in your local library on house styles, and I have seen books that deal with Dutch Colonial (period) architecture in the areas where they settled, like the Hudson Valley of NY, all throughout NJ and Delaware. Some Dutch historic houses later were revealed to have been built by Swedes!

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When I moved to New England from Texas, I was surprised to see "Amityville Horror" style windows on so many houses. In Houston, you almost never see gable windows like those, so in my mind, I'd really identified that style with haunting, since that was the main context I'd seen it in as a kid.

Happily, I was very wrong about the association. I don't think ghosts are very particular about the style of the gable windows when they're cruising around looking for houses to haunt. :-) So, now when I see the quarter circle gable windows, amityville is not the first thing that pops into my mind. If it were, it would almost never be out of my mind, since that style is all over New England.

Enjoy your lovely house, and welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see more photos after your closing.

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Here's a picture of the "spooky" top floor! :)

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Ha ha, when I look at those windows as "eyes", all I get for association is Hello Kitty. Can't really get a malevolent glare out of her.

Maybe put some foo dogs up there to keep her company :-)

I wish the ceiling went up to the apex. What's above those ceiling tiles? Services?

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Here's the living room. I don't know what is under those ceiling tiles, but considering that there is no attic, there must be wiring and whatnot up there. I didn't look very hard when I made an offer on the house. I fell in love with it, and that was that. I remember saying while blubbering, "I don't care what is wrong with this house, I want it."

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This is the left side of the house. This is where all the activity takes place, and these are the doors that will spill out into the yard.

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Just for fun.....

Casey, I think I'm going to have to agree with you now. The roof is a dead give-away that this is not "Dutch Colonial Revival" but plain-old "Colonial Revival." I just wish I could find out who built this house.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the LEGO Amityville Horror house! :-)

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That's a pretty house. It seems to have an odd orientation, or you're approaching it in an unusual way, as the "left side" photos clearly look like the BACK of a Colonial house?

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Hi there, in fact the front of the house is narrow, and the sides of the house are long. The front of the house (first picture) has a covered porch. This is the side that faces the road that is part of the street address. The yard is a double plot, so that makes the side of the house look like the back of the house, since there is so much yard. In other words, if there had been another skinny house right next to this one, it would make more sense. Many, many houses around here from this time period are skinny and long. Actually the garage was in all likelihood built on later, so the house wasn't really originally that long after all.

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