Thanks gayle0000 and more on litter

Frankie_in_zone_7July 13, 2010

I have to thank gayle0000 for motivating me on to a new cat litter management plan. I, too had been scooping into plastic bags, sometimes not taking out same day if dark or raining, sometimes adding more than one day to use fewer bags. Had considered some kind of diaper-pail system but never did anything about it. Read about her snap-lid and didn't do anything right away.

Then last week, my favorite TJMaxx store had these step-on garbage pails in small sizes including a tiny ? 1-gallon or so. They aren't actually air-tight, but have an inner plastic pail, and the way the lid closes is pretty snug and has nice action. I am now using this (lined with bag) and it works great, no smell at all (compared to bag would smell in a day or so if I left it in the room). I think this will hold about 3 days, maybe 4.

I agonized over buying the next bigger size,which would still hold a grocery bag but last a week or so, but so far I like the smallest one--I often use grocery bags, which are not as sturdy as Wal-Mart, say, so don't want the bag burstingly full, and was not trying to have prolonged poop storage, just stretch out to several days.

On the subject of litter scattered on the floor--the litter box and food are in our laundry room. Of course that has its downside, but it's the best place in the house. I let it get kinda messy over the last few weeks during a busy work phase, then did a major wipedown/vacuum/mop. I use a litter mat and everything, but litter still gets on the floor, a little bit every day, is hard to vacuum, is worse to make wet. (I think if my floorspace were configured a bit differently, a different litter mat size and shape might help some more, but I've got what I've got. Also, I used a closed Bouda box long ago, but I figure the open boxes are easier to clean daily). I'm thinking, this is just the biggest pain, and it'll only last a short time.

I keep a soft short broom and dustpan right on the wall for major spills or quick cleanup. So then my duh moment was, just do it. The quick cleanup, I mean. The soft broom actually gathers the litter as well as the vacuum and you can get the wall edges. So I have started just doing that every day when I scoop or feed the cats or whatever. I guess it might work as well to use the cordless vac or a dustbuster, but with this, I just dump the little bit of litter from the dustpan back in the box. The point for me was, just do it every day.

Or at least that's what I'm trying to do for now and see if it pays off.

It's tough to admit, but the way to have things clean is sometimes, you gotta clean!

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My cat rebelled when i brought in one of those closed BOudA BOXES> It was when I had three cats ans three boxes. I put the Nouda box in a corner of my dining room, figured it was private they might like it. They would not use. So it was a waSTE OF MONEY> I find vigilant cleaning works. Scoop daily, and add a liitle moRE litter every day, , sweep yhe floor and completely change the litter weekly. Just part of my household chores. As regular as buying cat food. oh and I highly recommend Ever Clean. Expensive but worth it-keeps smelss down completely.

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OMG! Glad you found a way to deal with the litter!!! I'll be thinking about you & hoping all is well everytime I clean the litter box. LOL!!!!

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I also have litter boxes in the laundry room, and do something similar. I redid and old clothespin bag, and use it to hold grocery bags for litter scooping. I also have a broom and dustpan hung from hooks, so it's right there for a daily sweep. I also keep disinfecting wipes and a roll of paper towels in there, in case someone misses the box, which they seem to do right after I've cleaned!

I tried litter mats, and also that inexpensive carpeting you buy by the foot at Home Depot, but they still scattered the litter, so now I don't use either. It was just one more thing to clean, and didn't really work. One of my cats always try to dig to China, so it seems there's always some litter on the floor, but if I don't keep it swept up, they track it into the hallway.

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I also meant to say that we just decorated our laundry room, and I just incorporated all of the cat supplies into the decor. I like how it turned out, and it's functioning just like I wanted it to. Everything I need to tend to the daily litter chores is right there, handy, and looks neat. Now if I could just get Ziggy to stop flinging the litter, we'd be all set!

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I'll be moving to a small 2 bedroom apartment of about 900 sq. ft. The one I want has 1 1/2 bathrooms. I have an open litter box now for my cat and he is also a digger.

I thought of putting the litter box in a cupboard but obviously all the cupboards will have to be used to clothes or storage and I don't want the litter box smell to be in a place that I will need to be using on a regular basis.

Is the bathroom my only option to put the litter box? There is only a small cupboard that holds the washer and dryer and the kitchen is a galley kitchen.

My cat is fascinated with the toilet. Has anyone tried the system to get their cat to use the toilet? Is a 3-year-old cat too old to learn it?

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I've heard of people getting their cat to use the toilet, but never seen it. I taught my 10 yr old adopted cat to use a scratching board instead of the rug, so I def think a 3 yr old can learn. The only place I wouldn't put a box is somewhere where it would be closed in. If it's cleaned daily and changed weekly I've never had a problem with smell.

Tracking litter all over the house is my pet peeve. When I lived in a multi story house with carpeting I noticed that the litter never made it upstairs. Kinda gross to think of it all sunk into the carpet though. I've also found that sweeping daily is the only solution :( But I haven't given up yet!

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Marie, if you can afford it, you can now get litter box enclosures that look like furniture, houses, a million (even including a large potted plant (the plant part is a really good fake). Just Google litter box and you'll see a slew of stuff.

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the enclosed litter boxes will only work if you keep them scrupulously clean. any hint of an odour and the cat will not use it. remember there noses are also much more sensitive than ours

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