merrygardenerJuly 26, 2014

I thought some of you might share my pain (or sense of humor in the irony!). My sister sent me the following links to peruse: and
The "Minimalist Guys" are touring and will be within an hour of my home, so I snagged some free tickets, then soon found myself Googling to see if any thrift/consignment stores were nearby the book store! After giggling to myself and some consideration of the automatic nature of this action, I decided that I am just fine in my release and acquiring of material possessions (increasing the releasing lately, not much acquiring); and probably don't need to drive so far for inspiration (or the temptation to buy their book!). Happy Saturday, all!

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So funny!

I'm glad you're feeling in sync with your in/out ratio; that's got to me a nice feeling.

And thanks for the links--I don't think I've seen them before.

I know I can't be a minimalist. I can live w/ less than I have, but I couldn't be a minimalist. I don't know why, but I couldn't.

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That's a hoot! Their purpose has ultimately been served, but unfortunately, I'm sure they didn't intend to extend the lesson to their wealth-building. ;-)


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Or perhaps they did! I surely am not a minimalist at heart. I am appreciative of and enjoy the short list of earthly delights which grace my home, and will likely always work to rid my home of the vertical piles which seem to accumulate overnight. I did, however, appreciate some of the information on both sites. But the whole notion of owning just one coat (by choice) when you live in Missoula is suspicious!

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