New Granite Install - Backsplash Seam

teal123February 4, 2014

Hi everyone, We just had our granite installed yesterday. I am happy with all of it except one place where two pieces come together on the backsplash. It is in a corner that is very visible. It looks like they tried to match the backsplash with the counter below, but the two backsplash pieces don't match each other. Does anyone know if a piece or two of backsplash can be removed and replaced now that it is in? Also, do you think I should ask them to replace it, or just live with it? Any advice is greatly appreciated - Thanks so much!

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Here is another picture so you can see it from a distance.

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Here is another picture so you can see it from a distance.

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It's natural stone. I think it looks fine. I'd let it be

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I'm not an expert just a homeowner but i think it looks great. I wouldn't mess with it. Especially with all the problems you see with seams, if your seems are good and tight I would be afraid to mess around with a reinstall.

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It looks fine. You'll never notice it once you've lived with it for a while. If you want it should be at your expense. The fabricators did a really nice job. I would not expect them to re-do this at no charge.

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It's not the best, but its ok. I would probably just put something in that corner so it won't be noticeable.

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Was there a better piece left on the slab? I wouldn't be happy with just that one dark piece, but if you didn't attend the template layout and just let them cut how they wanted to, you can't really complain. You'll have to ask them if it can be replaced at your cost.

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The abrupt change in color would bother me too. All you can do is ask what they can do about it. You'll never know if they could have done better.

Was there a templating done for you to see? This is why that's such a good idea. The problems can be addressed then. For all they know you might have wanted to purchase more stone if there was no way around it. Or maybe your standards are just higher than the fabricator's and you could have pointed it out then so he could have made some adjustments.

I don't think you are being picky, but after the fact, you can't know if it could have been avoided.

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bring it to the attention of your contractor and go from there.

I have had granite installed by a stone artist, and he removed a piece on install day because he did not like the way it flowed. he wouldn't even let me comment, he just said he did not want it there. I waited another week then he completed the job.

I have had granite installed by three other companies (four installs total) who either did not give a s***, or lacked attention to detail, and made me feel bad for asking about details.

it doesn't hurt to ask, see what response you get. In three months, if it still bothers you, your request will certainly fall on deaf ears, if you ask now there is a chance to fix it.

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I am sooooo glad I'm not a fabricator.

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I think they did a beautiful job. It looks great. You are reacting to the backsplash because it's new but in a few days your eye will become accustomed to the way it looks and any color differences in the granite will fade into the background.

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imo I would have them replace it. If I had to look at that every day it would drive me crazy.

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Emily Saba

Can you tell me what kind of granite this is? It's beautiful! The seam would probably bother me, too.

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Well, I'm super picky, my DH would say anal. But this would not bother me unless it looks more obvious in real life. It is stone. having said that, it would bother me on a flat surface. Go figure.
However, if it bothers you, I'd ask if there's anything that can be done.

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In the photo, it looks like that one backsplash piece is the only dark piece in the entire installation. It might not be so jarring in RL if there are actually more dark areas in the installation. However, I can see why the OP is concerned about it ... having the dark and light butt up against each other like is rather unfortunate ... your eyes are just drawn to that spot! Teal123, if you are the type of person who is bothered by that sort of thing, having people tell you that it doesn't bother THEM isn't going to make a bit of difference to YOU. If it bugs you, ask the fabricator what your options are.

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It would bother me. I would ask if there is anything that can be done about it and if the answer is no, I would get a pretty accessory for that corner and you will be the only one that will notice it.

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