New keys for old locks?

fannerJuly 14, 2009

Our 1904 built home still has what appear to be the original locks on the front doors. They are lovely and I hate the thought of replacing them. Does anyone here know if it is possible to have new keys made for the old locks? We are able to lock them/unlock them from the inside ~ they are the push button type of lock (I can post a photo if needed). The person we bought the house from in 1998 had lived there since 1960 and as far as she could remeber there was never a key for the front doors. Thanks for any input!

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Just call a locksmith and ask. I have had keys made for antiques whose keys were broken. They'd know.

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Remove the key cylinder and take it to a locksmith. They might have a replacement that is an exact match or they can create a key for for it.

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joed has the right path.

Remove the key cylinder from the lock and take it to a locksmith.
They can either make a key to fit the existing pins or just replace the pins with a new set and make keys to match.

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Thank-you! I will check with a locksmith.

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