door knobs - matching?

jules8February 5, 2013

Silly question, but please bear with me.....

I live in a middle-class suburban three-story split level townhouse. all the door knobs were gold color when I moved in. there are two gold lantern lamps in the stairwell. The front door fixtures are also gold along with the two exterior light fixtures.

I have redecorated the kitchen as fairly modern with granite counters, glass tile and brushed nickel/stainless. also two baths have been redecorated as modern with brushed nickel fixtures. I replaced the door handles on those two baths to brushed nickel.

I am now redecorating the two other baths as modern but am using shiny chrome fixtures.

Should I replace all the door handles in the house? and should they all match as brushed nickel? how will that look in the two shiny chrome baths? do people install door knobs with shiny chrome on one side of the door and brushed on the other side? is that a weird question?

And how will it look if I keep the two gold stairwell lights and the gold front door fixtures? I really don't like the stairwell lights, but can't decide on replacements. I don't have much style sense......I can use all the help you can provide......

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You could do what is called a split finish on the doorknobs, with brushed nickel on the hall side and chrome on the bath side, if your knob manufacturer carries it. (Most do, but you have to special order them). But the nickel would look fine, too, I think. I would change them all since you are headed in that direction. You do not need to match the light fixtures.

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Thanks for your insight palimpsest.

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