What are these called?

spyrogirlkimJuly 29, 2008

In every corner of the house and at each door there is a tall post looking thing.When we bought the house we were told they are orignal and he thought they were victorian.

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Are you talking about some kind of pillars, or ??? How wide are they? Are then floor-to-ceiling? Painted to match surroundings? Hollow (tap them)? Where are the exactly in relation to doors, etc?

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they are about 4 inches tall and in every corner of the house,yes they are decorative.They are at bottom not up top in walls.

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Wooden corner protectors?

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The ones at the doorway - if the door casing/trim comes down to meet them - are probably plinth blocks.

For example:

(A pilaster is typically the decorative panel that comes up out of the plinth block.)

The ones in the corner are usually just called "inside corner trim blocks", like this:

My stepdad (a contractor, old-house-sympathetic-but-not-obsessive) also called them "corner soldiers", but I don't know how widespread that is.

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LOL, I used them when I put up molding in a house I just sold. They're great ways to get out of mitering corners. I called them cheaters.

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