Score! Score! 27 old windows! Wheee!

Circus PeanutJuly 29, 2010


I rarely post on this forum, but had to share with folks who might understand: last week we scored an entire house's worth of BEAUTIFUL OLD DRY DOUBLE-HUNG WOODEN WINDOWS. In precisely the style we believe our bungalow originally possessed -- before the monstrous vinyl replacements from hell were installed by the PO.

For FREE, yet! I bow once again to CraigsList serendipity. The fellow's house was within a few miles of ours and built the same year, so we believe that the vintage of the windows is dead-on. They are mullioned 4 over 1 in the vertical cottage style.

So now we have a Project, capital P, to keep us occupied for the winter. I'm reading Terry Meany and John Leeke's books & forums like the bible, and we have our shed all converted into a glazing restoration workshop.

Whoo hoo!

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I see that the formerly seven-page thread about putty in Leeke's forum is now ten pages:

Here is a link that might be useful: Putty Analysis

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HOW AWESOME!! Congrats!

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Very excellent! Congrats!

Do 27 meet your need?

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Wowser met my dream lottery goal! My dh would have arm wrestled you for the bigger glass panels LOL

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Woohoo! Congrats!

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How exciting! I love the vertical 4 over 1's.

Years ago when i still had my bungalow, we rescued all of the wood storms and screens from a house around the corner that was getting replacement windows. We rehabbed and installed them on our house. We were so excited you'd have thought we won the lottery.

Now you've won!! Congrats.

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Circus Peanut

Thank you all kindly! The lottery probably couldn't feel this good. :-D

We've got a modest bungalow, so there are more windows than we really need (we need about 15 including the basement) - we figure this is great insurance for when we inevitably break a pane or two learning how to strip the glazing. Wavy glass rules!

Since we'll be doing a fair bit of sanding/scraping, and these windows are from 1923, we've set up our garden shed as a lead-containment site. Luckily my guy is an ex painter, so we already own a high-power HEPA vacuum, etc. Tyvek suits, anyone..?

Not mine (mine are 4 over 1), but a very similar look:

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Make sure you use a good respirator with replaceable cartridges, and that the respirator is the correct size for your face.

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Ahhh, circuspeanut, how wonderful to find those windows.
Your last post above with the 3 over 1 shows the kind of windows in our house, built in 1950.

What can I really struck it rich!

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Circus Peanut

Mmm moccasin, I bet it's just gorgeous! If you have any dormers with these windows, I'd love to see some examples. Ours (set of dormer windows) were ripped out to put in one big '70's picture window, making the bungalow a little monocular.

Inox: yes, we are both equipped with fitted masks, the expensive kind, from when we were stripping all the interior molding and trim. I'll make sure to get whatever filter cartridges are advised for lead particulate. We'll be using a Festool sander with a Fein HEPA vacuum attached.

I'd slog in bare-fisted, of course, but thankfully my guy puts the brakes on fast and is very Howard Hughes in his attention to cleaning detail.

My big hurdle will be convincing him that it's OK to paint the exterior sash dark copper-orange to match some of the house trim. We shall see.

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I just have to say, how happy I am to hear that you are putting back old windows in your home. We have an area on the NW side of Denver that is going through gentrification and now owners are ripping out old windows and replacing with "energy efficient" windows, which will have to be replaced in a few years. Most of these people just put their old windows in the landfill, instead of realizing that some people would love to have them, or better yet, storing them in the attic or garage so that future owners can put them back. Good for you and great score!

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You might find this thread of interest, as well as the article in the May, 2010 issue of Fine Homebuilding (issue 210), titled "Should Your Old Windows Be Saved?âÂÂ

Here is a link that might be useful: Fine Homebuilding Cover Story- Saving Old Windows!

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Hooray for you! So exciting! Love it that you scored those great old windows -- and the perfect vintage for your home too. You'll be sooo much faster at stripping paint than the rest of us with a pro on your team. I'm a little bungalow owner too (1913) and it gives me a good feeling to see these little gems with owners who love them. Can't wait to see pics of your results. It sure is great to have a forum like this to share news with people who know how you feel... What about storms? -Kim

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