O.T. but too beautiful not to show...Chihuly Exhibit photos

brugloverZ9July 25, 2008

On another thread I had mentioned that I went to the Chihuly exhibit earlier in the week.

One member knew of it and I linked my photos.

Thought I would do it here for others that might be interested to see the beauty of Dale Chihuly's blown glass exhibition!

Here is a link that might be useful: Chihuly Exhibit

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Ooooooo thank you so much for posting. I really love his glass work!

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jaybird...Glad you enjoyed it. It was out of this world! I wasn't sure if I would get sharp pictures as you couldn't use a flash and the SS was on 1/10th of a second. I used the walls to brace against and was alright!
Today I bought a museum membership which allows free admission. I plan to go many times again between now and the end of Sept. when it ends.

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They are all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pics.

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Wow - beautiful! My GD signed up for glassblowing at camp. Wonder how she'll do.

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Thank you dd50 !

plow in...they say once a person blows glass and see's what they can create, they are hooked on it! Maybe she will be the next Chihuly !

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There's a fascinating film (actually, there are several) about Chihuly and his current process (he has some phusical limitations now), which is entirely collaborative. He has a studio of apprentices and assistants who install the exhibits, and he permits them to install them as they like, which is really remarkable for an artist of his vision. Google "Team Chihuly" for a look at the Portland Press's book about this collaboration...
Here's a link to the DVD set that is probably most comprehensive. Even if you are not interested in glass particularly, the extraordinary organic beauty of his work, and the insight his career provides into the creative process is an inspiration to all of us who work from that place in ourselves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dale Chihuly on film

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Lena M

Gorgeous glass, and really nice photos!

Is anyone else thinking:
1) How would you dust those?
2) How would you move that fragile exhibition?

Makes me glad there are such impractical people.
Thanks for sharing those.


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And by the by, Margie's photographs are as beautiful as the glass itself!

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bmom...Thank you and thank you for the link...I didn't expect it to be to amazon...my personal buying downfall! I have another with alot of information and also some short videos to add. At the exhibit they show at least an hour long video of him and his team of workers. Truely amazing how it all works out!

Lena...Good question! I have been puzzled by the same questions. I spoke to my DH (who mostly knows everything!) about it and he said the museums have a filtration system that keeps it dust free.
About moving the glass I was told that everything comes in polystyrene and took a team of about 100 people 2 full months to set up the display.

Here is a great link for more! Also includes short videos...

Here is a link that might be useful: Chihuly website

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I really enjoyed looking at your photos! You are a wonderful photographer and the glasswork was stunning. It has always been a pipedream of mine to wander the streets of Venice and take a boat over to Murano and blow glass. Wouldn't one have to leave their worries behind? It seems like such simple therapy.

Good for you to treating yourself to a museum membership! I've often told my mom that you sometimes have to be a tourist in your own city. What else are all those theatres and museums for? Other people?

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neesie...Thank you very much! I really do love photography and really did love the exhibition. I did buy a membership and have plans to re-visit the exhibit and also the womans impressionalist painters exhibit again the week after next. My friend is from SF and will show me around some more, plus we are going to stay in a nice hotel in the city over-night. Yes, it is like being a tourist in my own city and what a beautiful city it is!

I also plan to visit again the end of the month when my mother comes to visit from N.C.

Too beautiful not to see again and again, while it is still here. I hope someday you get to Italy and visit the Murano glass works!

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Thank you for posting this. And you did incredibly well with your photography!


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Thank you Barbara!

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I can *sort of* believe about the filtration system; when i was using an air filter in the bedroom in an ineffective attempt to eliminate my coughing, I realized that the visible dust just wasn't there.

And that was just w/ a slightly oversized BlueAir HEPA filter.

And now that I've given up on the air filter (and given it to my sister-in-love, for whom it *is* making a difference), I have that chore back on my plate.

I've thought of getting another one, just to cut down on the chore clutter, but there's really so little room in my bedroom, w/ all the incidental furniture I've crammed in there.

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I plan to re-visit the exhibit the week after next and will ask someone while I am there. Yes, I don't doubt that a filtration system is taking care of some of the dust, but the dust/hair/fibers on the viewers?
The glass displayed is not behind glass but out in the open. The black tables that they reflect on has not one spec of dust!

I read just the other day that our shoes worn indoors bring in alot of dust and dirt. I would love to have a shoe-free home, but DH is not going for it!

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! (And your photographs are superb!)

I hope you don't mind my tagging along with a few photos of the Chihuly pieces that are permanently installed at the Franklin Park Conservatory here in Columbus. (There was a installation here in 2003, I think, and the trustees purchased most of the pieces when the exhibit was over.) I love Chilhuly!

pillar of fire, surround by orchids

floats in the koi pond

marine life, in the ceiling of the passage to the Palm House.

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Thank you alison, I had heard that there were exhibitions of Chihuly that were set in natural surroundings. They are beautiful! I love the glass balls in the water!

Please feel free to post photos also!

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience and the artful photos! You've got a good eye for composition.
I'm so glad I looked at this post, because we are planning a trip to SF in September and we will most assuredly visit the Deyoung to see this exhibit.

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coffeehaus...thank you! I appreciate your very nice comments on my photography. Yes, you would not want to miss this exhibit. I loved it so much, I am going back next week and then the week after again! My museum membership is sure coming in handy.
I plan to get the earphone recording this next visit as I didn't have it on my first one.
The video is also great and tells you alittle more on how the pieces are made and the inspiration for them. Quite amazing, the whole process.
Please let us know how you enjoyed it!

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His glass art is amazing. what talent!

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Yes, I know, old thread and off topic to beat. But I happened to come across this last week while looking for something else. The next day I was reading a Washington, DC area magazine, and lo and behold came across a notice that he is exhibiting in Richmond, VA!

I was unable to go to his exhibit last year in Boston, so as soon as I got home I went online for the details; Oct. 20, 2012 thru 2/10/2013 at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond, VA.

The universe provides!


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