Wonderful woman to donate fabric too...

brugloverZ9July 23, 2008

I feel blessed to have met this woman on-line who I donated my fabric to. Here is here article about me and my fabric today.

Read down further and you can see what else she is doing for those in need.

I was touched by a story down further about a woman who was recently married and lost her life when she got hit by lightening.

Please read it and appreciate your life, where you are today. We don't know how many more days we have to live on this earth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marilyn's blog

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"I learned today in another of my online groups that a lady that works with one of my online crafters just got married two weeks ago. She quit her job so she could stay home and be a full time mom to three kids. There was a big thunderstorm over the weekend and the family dog had stolen her son's eyeglasses and left them out in the yard. She went out to get them and was stuck and killed by lightening. She left behind a brand new husband and three little children. I am hoping to make comfort quilts for the three children if I can find out their ages and genders and maybe favorite colors.

This is a reminder that we don't know how many days we have on this earth. We aren't promised tomorrow. Live today like it is your last and enjoy your family and friends. Spend today doing the things you love. The dishes will wait, the dust will be there tomorrow. Children grow up too fast. Take a minute today to hug them tight and tell them you love them."

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Oh, my! How sudden!

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