Using two colors of granite?

stacy64February 24, 2010

I am trying to decide if I want to use two colors of granite in my kitchen. I have white cabinets and stainless appliances.

I'm considering Antique Brown for my island and St. Cecilia for my perimeter. The two colors look beautiful together! The only reason I can afford the Antique Brown is because the piece is a remnant, otherwise I would be using St. Cecilia everywhere.

Any feedback?

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There are a few threads on mixing cabinet finishes and countertops that are worth searching for. I know I've posted at length on a few...

My condensed version is that if your kitchen is large, and your island looks like a freestanding piece of furniture (versus cabinets) -- then go for it. If your kitchen is smaller and your island looks like kitchen cabinets, then don't.

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stacy64 - Wow ... so glad to see someone who's in the same dilemma as we were ! We were also in a similar boat, trying to decide to go for a single color or 2 colors for granite .. Please note that we have 2 cabinet colors .. antique white on the perimeter, and espresson on the island .. we were considering 2 granite colors, till we heard the warehouse guy mention that though this look is the 'in' thing & very modern these days, there's no gaurantee that it will remain the same

so he told us, that we should consider going for 1 single color, if we need to have something that's timeless. This made us go cold feet, and now at the end we ordered antique brown throughout ..

so that's my 2 cents on this :-) Good luck ! I'm sure you will need a lot of it .. it sure is a nerve wracking exp

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We did the same as crozzroad - dark (brown tan) granite on both our cream perimeter cabinets & cherry island. I also struggled with doing one or two colors - but thought one color would look a little less busy in our smaller space.

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I also think it depends on how large your kitchen is, and if it has to relate to another serving area such as a wetbar in a dining room or family room.

Personally, I prefer two differnt kinds of countertop materials- granite and wood, or granite and composite, or granite and marble. I think having two kinds of granite in one area only looks as though you cheapened out and tried to use remnants.

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I like the look of 2 different granites.. but I am biased. I have absolute black on my countertops and typhoon bordeaux on my island. Everyone who sees it has liked ir as well (or at least they pretend to LOL) I don't have great pictures yet.. but here is a decent one for now..

I say GO FOR IT!!

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I considered using a marble for my island and a black granite for the perimeter and didn't only because I was worried about the etching and maintenance issues of marble and I didn't see a white granite that I liked. I agree with sweeby that if your kitchen is large enough it will look good. If you put a fancier edge on the island then it will also help to make it look more like a piece of furniture. I agree with gillylily: go for it.

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I like two granites as long as only one of them is busy or has a lot of movement going on and the other is solid or close to being solid colour.

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2 Stone Colors is nothing new - it looks WAY COOL when the colors coordinate
with each other..... Gillylilly's kitchen is a great example...

Stacy64 - IF you are looking at St Cecilia - have you looked at Uba Tuba
with it? - Yeah I know - they are both more monolithic is their looks - and
neither has that WOW factor like some other products with tons of movement -
but St Cecilia/Uba Tuba is a CLASSIC combination that will look good for years-
long after the Mauves and the Harvest Golds have bit the dust.....

Hopefully Boxerpups and Live Wire Oak will chime in - they both IMHO -
have "IT" when it comes to way cool design taste - I'm just a Fab-ri-mic-cator....



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Thank you all for your feedback!

Our home was built by a national builder and is what my husband and I call a "cookie cutter" house. My main reason for getting granite is because I strongly dislike my blue laminate counters and after living with them for 9 years I'm ready for a change!

I did not put this info in my original post but my island matches my perimeter cabinets and based on some of the feedback it seems that using 2 colors wouldn't be recommended in my case. Yes/No??

Again, thank you all, I appreciate your feedback.

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You can do pretty much anything that turns YOU on...

Perimeters are usually more reserved - Islands are where
you want to make a statement with a WAY COOL
color or texture -

I'd advise you to do this on your Island:
Make a STATEMENT!!! - something like HOLY SCHNIKIES!!!!


Look at as many products as you can - Natural Stone, Solid Surface,
Quartz, "Green", Copper (Circus Peanut's sheet copper countertops are AWESOME!!),
Wood, Tile, a different laminate, Concrete, etc -

Basically - WHATEVER YOU want to use and YOU have a liking for -



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Go for it!! I went with cream cabinets on my perimeters with antique brown granite. My island is walnut stained with blanco romano granite. I love the contrast and there's also a nice colour flow, eg. my blanco romano has nice cream and dark brown spots that pick up the colours found on my perimeters.

It's my own take on the black/white classic scheme, and 1 1/2 years later, I still love how it looks:)

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Thank you Kevin. Part of me feels that way... do whatever I like!

I'm leaning towards Antique Brown on my island and St. Cecilia on my perimeter. When I set the Antique Brown sample on my island, the lighting above my island really highlights the variations and I really like how it shows that off. When I set the sample on my perimeter counters it just looks black.

Our parade of homes starts this Thursday so I'll be visiting some homes for ideas before I make a final decision. Hopefully that won't confuse me more. LOL!

Thanks again!

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We have two different granites. They are sort of mirror images of each other. The dark granite actually has a lot of movement, but unless you are right on top of it, it reads very simply.

This is a weirdly distorted picture of our kitchen, but it gives a good view of the two granites:

This is a close up of the darker granite, so you can see better how it looks:


My husband likes the two granites better than i do. I don't love the darker granite as much as the granite on the island, but I'm very glad that we didn't do the island granite in the whole kitchen, because it is very busy, and I think I would have grown tired of so much of it by now.

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We're putting Silestone throughout next week. White north on the permiter on cherry in a medium stain. Olive green on the island with espresso stained cherry base. The island base doesn't look like furniture, but the stain is a big contrast in that they are VERY dark brown. Will it look dated in several years? I'm sure. EVERY kitchen does. Unless you do plain white cabinets with cararra marble...and even that look will look like "I put in a classic timeless kitchen in 2010." Sorry folks. Unless your design is so personal that it alienates buyers and you're selling your house soon...stop worrying and do what you want. You can't avoid a dated kitchen. Time marches over everything!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our bungalow and kitchen remodel blog

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We have 90's American oak cabinets inthe kitchen.we were thinking of putting granite on the counter and as a full backsplash.Is it a good idea to use different granites may be Giallo fiorito on counter and something yellow like rustic gold in back or is it odd. The floor has beige /earthtone color tiles and appliances will be stainless steel.Also there is a baywindow.Any suggestions would be helpful .

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