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mommabirdJuly 31, 2012

Yesterday I was thinking about my parents house. My mom is totally born organized and their house is always perfect - and I mean PERFECT. Better Homes and Gardens could show up unannounced and do a photo shoot with no prep work. For most of my adult years this has been a source of angst for me because I just can't seem to be it together like my mom.

Well, my folks are getting older. Mom had cancer earlier this year with surgery and radiation treatment. She's doing fantastic and the house is still perfect. She's 76 but you'd think she was 50 if you met her. Just last weekend she told me that she is having knee replacement surgery on Aug 20.

All these health issues have helped me frame the angst into something much more constructive. I now cherish the though hat there's a place on Earth that is so clean, perfect and peaceful. Pretty much all of my friends are like me - getting by with a lick and a promise and trying to clean the house around work and kids activities. I don't know another place that is as perfect as my folks house.

I just wanted to share how I was able to turn a negative "I'm not good enough" thought into something positive.

What about you? Do you have "comfort spots" like this?

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Mommabird,I'm wondering if that feeling you get in your parents house is the comfort of seeing that your mom, even with all her health problems. is still able to take care of things the way she always has. As our parents age, and lose some of their abilities there is a certain amount of role reversal; the child becomes the parent. This happened with my in-laws, and it was very hard on my husband. The fact that your mom's house is still perfect is proof that she is still your same ol' mom. and that is very comforting.

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I often have thoughts of "I wish I could have a do-over" with my mom. I certainly have much more appreciation for her cleanliness and organization all while dealing with a job and 5 kids. I look back and think WOW! How did she do it. I remember us (her children) rolling eyes and teasing her about "washing" her garbage. Well, I now do the same thing because her rational made sense--so my garbage doesn't smell and bugs stay away.

All I can offer you is to continue with the positive thoughts, actions, and words as there are NO DO-OVERS after she is gone.

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Every day I try to think of something I'm grateful for. My parents are both gone. So I'm happy my kids have jobs and attend college and are not drug addicts or worse. I have enough money to "get by". My house is p[aid off. I have a wonderful dog and cat. Oh and there's my darling husband. We should all count our blessings. Then there's my KT friends...

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Mustang, how do you wash garbage?

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Triplet, "washing garbage" is just what we (as kids) called it. It's just rinsing out cans, jars, bags before putting any food containers in the garbage. For example, no pet food cans in the trash without rinsing it first.

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I know about "washing garbage". I put my empty dog food cans in the dishwasher. I hate the smell if I don't do it.

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My mom doesn't wash garbage, but she does iron sheets, socks and underwear!

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