Where do you keep your vacuum cleaner ?

brugloverZ9July 12, 2008

I guess I have a few vacuums...and can't decide between the front entrance way closet or the linen closet. Otherwise one or so seems to stay out in the corner of the dining room. My SIL asked me the other day if we use the dining room at all or if it is just for storage. I had to think and then said, we use to use it...no more.

I do have a laundry room, maybe I could clear out a spot in there for it/them.

O.K. O.K. I know you are wondering why so many...I seem to collect vacuum cleaners, I am never happy with the one I have, I get a new one but the old one still works and sometimes works better than the new one.

One year right before Fathers day, my DH said, "if I had a vacuum, I would vacuum this floor". So for Fathers day he got his own vacuum from me! I will not use his vacuum as he has to have it clean, clean, clean and I am not about to spend time carefully cleaning it!

Sounds like I have some de-cluttering to do in this area! The vacuums, not my DH ! Well, now that I think about it...

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Well, I'm no help. I like vacuums, and have one in the attic (small, inexpensive--from Home Depot, lightweight, and remarkably effective), one upstairs, and two downstairs. I have the latter two in the pantry, where I trip over them all the time. I guess I don't really need two downstairs . . .

Told you I was no help. ;-)

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ali...Yes, you are a help! Now I can see I am not the only one!

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I have two that I store in the pantry. When kids use them they don't fit right in the pantry and you trip over them. I have a rainbow that is a canister and an upright that I let the kids use. The upright has a heppa filter and when you use that one it stinks like dog even when I have cleaned it out and have a new bag.

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I keep one in the hall closet on the first floor, and a second in the master closet. It just hurt my knees too much to ferry the one vac up and down the stairs.

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I have one on the main floor of the house in the coat closet (small lightweight) - i only have to large rugs on that floor, everything else is hardwood. Then I have a larger one downstairs for use in the home theater, bedroom and reading area. All of this is carpeted. This one i store in the basement on that level.

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I usually have to track it down in the last room it was used.

Sorry, I'm no help at all!

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I keep mine in the laundry room of my one-story ranch. I tried a few closets and corners around the house but the laundry room is working best for me.

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Our house has three full stories and 5 different levels. I keep a vac on our main level and our entry way level. One also upstairs by some of the bedrooms. Our bottom story is just a three steps down from the entry, so I carry the vac I keep in one of the entry closets down there when needed.

I have found purchasing the small, lightweight vacs to be a real help. I would never carry my older, heavy one around much.

We only have one room with carpet, but I still use the vacuums on a daily basis. Having the close and within easy reach makes life so much easier for me.


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My preference would be Cleveland...I hate to vacuum!

The reason I hate it is the stress on my arthritic thumbs, and the noise...so I finally broke down and bought a small Miele canister, because is it light-weight and quiet. I keep this "real" vacuum in the cupboard under my front stairs (where Harry Potter would live if I were his evil aunt)...

Upstairs, I have a cheap Eureka "Boss" bagless upright and an even cheaper Shark rechargeable carpet sweeper, both for regular quick clean-ups around the cat boxes. They are supposed to be in the closet, but too often just sit against the wall in the back office. I don't recommend this. I'm squirreling money away for a second Miele up here, and will continue to use the Shark for the cat litter. Works fine, quick, and quiet.

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My vacuum is usually conveniently parked in the middle of the next room I hope to vacuum.

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One in the extra bedroom closet, one in the laundry room, one in the garage in our one-story ranch with basement. We have wall-to-wall carpet only in one room, area rugs or bare floors everywhere else. At the moment, none of the vacuum cleaners are working properly. We are in a crisis mode and need to buy another one but have no idea what to get. One of our cat's hair twists itself into yarn on the rollers, and that's why I think they are all going kaput. But $500 for a Dyson Animal? Yikes.

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Our Dyson (best gift ever) is in the hall closet with the Spotbot and other cleaning supplies on the main floor. We have an old Hoover in the basement under the stairs - the dogs aren't allowed down there, so that vaccuum works just fine and keeps me from hauling them up and down the stairs.

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I keep mine in the little corner on the back porch. When the back door is open it creates a dead space from the wall to the hanging cabinets. It sits on the floor with the handle hanging on a hook and above it are the 2 long winter coat hooks.

I have a canister electrolux - LOVE IT!!!

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