Modular Storage Cubes

comkowJuly 2, 2011


My DD's 7 and 10 love to do crafts, but they are doing them on my living room floor. We have a bonus room upstairs with alot of unused kneewall space. We want to have a "builder" cut into them and put some storage cubes in them. This will also help with other clutter in our house too. We will also do a drop down MDF board for them to craft on. The only storage system I can find is by a company called Foremost. Some reviews are favorable and some are not. Does anyone know of any other modular storage systems? We prefer white and since it is going into a kneewall, it must have a back on it. Closetmaid makes some cubes but they have an open back. Thanks for any help or leads.

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comkow, I don't know of any modular storage cubes, so I can't help you there.

But I'm wondering if you need the cubes. A good builder could cut openings in the kneewalls and then create shelves in that space, or even make and insert drawers. You could have adjustable shelving that could hold baskets or bins and be rearranged as the children's interests change. Or the shelves could be covered with cabinet doors, to hide general storage areas. Or instead of shelves, cabinets could be made. Or even just a door to give access to the under-eaves area for bulk storage.

There are a lot of older houses in my area, and many of them have finished attics. In the kneewalls, there are built-in dressers and cabinets and bookshelves. Some just have a small door, and people store all sorts of stuff in the area behind the wall.

From another angle, if you find cube storage that you like, but it has no back, again, your builder should be able to create a space and drywall it in. He can do this using the measurements of the cube system you want, so that the cubes would have a wall in back of them. That might give you more options.

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Comknow, we have kneehole walls on the second floor, and the previous owner cut into the knotty pine paneling to make drawers that blend right into the space.

If you have drywall, cutting would be even easier. You could stick a plan dresser in there (cut off the feet) or wooden cubes from a Michael's type store if you can't find white.

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Camlan, To your suggestion--I did just that last year in my laundry room and it didn't even take a skilled carpenter, just a BIL good with a saw and hammer.

I found 3 cabinets for $33 each at Lowe's that matched those already in my LR. BIL cut out the drywall shoved them in and did some trim work. I told him it could be a new paying hobby for him as my neighbors were crazy about this space utilization idea.

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Mustangs, very clever? How deep are those shelves?

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Oh, how I miss the washerwoman......(sigh)


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Graywings, 10" deep. The other side juts out into the garage a few inches in an unused space so it worked out really well.

Barbara, Good news--the washerwoman found a home in my DD's new home! I never dreamed she would want it but she has given me freedom to decorate her LR. Her LR is larger and more sophisticated than mine but it will be fun organizing it.

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How about using Expedit shelving units from Ikea? Depending on the height available, you could use the one-cube height or two-cube height. Then you'd be able to use matching Expedit pieces in the room, if needed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Expedit

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I think the builder can do a finished back to that space pretty easily--even if he only paints the backside of the drywall onthe other side.

And I'd probably want something like the Sterilite drawers, so I could pull them out and drag them (and their contents) across the room.

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Joann, That is a terrific idea. I have been looking around my house to see where I could have those cubes shoved into the wall. I do have the four cube Expedit with the bins Ikea has specifically for them. Mine is freestanding and I use it for a TV stand in the play room so the bins are perfect for the kids' toys.

Talley_Sue, My BIL finished the back that protrudes into the garage with drywall and I painted it. It looks good.

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