Office, Access, and PDA's

bronwynsmomJuly 24, 2008

I started with some questions toward the end of Claire's thread about address books, and am starting this so as not to hijack hers...

Maryliz, thanks for offering help with the above. As soon as I figure out whether or not I have Access, I'll report.

Any idea how I find that out???


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I assume you have a PC. Do you know how to run a search from Windows? Depending on which version of the operating system you have, it might be different. The latest versions have you click the "start" button in the lower left corner of the screen, then click on the "search" button, which has a cute magnifying glass next to it. Search for "access," and if you find it, we can proceed. Hope you find it. Good luck! MaryLiz

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No, actually it's a MAC, and I see that I don't have Access as part of my Office suite for it.
Ah, well.
Let's let this go for now.
But thank you so much for offering.

Best regards,

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I found access can you show me how to do a phone book?

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Microsoft Access is very powerful and has a pretty steep learning curve so you may spend a fair amount of time setting up something like an address book.

You also mentioned PDA in the title of this thread. Most PDA's don't run Access.

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My dear Mike, my life is one big steep learning curve these days! But as I understand it, Maryliz was offering to show me how to create a database in Access, which I could use to create a digital contact list that I could manipulate in other ways, including downloading pertinent bits to a PDA.
Is this right?

In any case, as I am a humble writer with a relatively uncomplicated life, I work with the Home/Student version of Office on my Mac, which doesn't include the aforementioned Access, so I have decided to stay half digital and half analog until I have time to make a project of this.

But thank you for the advice. I need all I can absorb!

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i know nothing about PDA's - although that may change in the near future. since you don't have access, use Excel to build you a contact list. It COULD be considered a "type" of database - in that you can hide the columns (i.e., fields) you don't want - and you can download to your PDA - i think lol

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I own a PDA, but use a regular PC. My PDA allows me to download Excel spreadsheets. If you can use Excel, it is compatible with most PDA's.

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I do have Excel, have been meaning to learn it, and my DLSTSH (dear long-suffering techno-savvy husband) has offered to help me.

Now that I have a specific application in mind, I'm sure I'll get it easily.

Thank you all again!

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