Foods you don't like now that you liked growing up

kathleencaSeptember 1, 2012

Thanks to Angelaid for the opposite idea!

When I was a kid growing up on the coast of Oregon we ate off the land quite a bit. I really liked clam chowder, salmon & berries of any kind (blueberries & huckleberries grew wild on our place.)

Now I don't care for any of these nor spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce. And I've mostly lost my chocolate & sweet tooths too. (This from one who went to chocolate conventions at least 3 years in a row during the '80s!)

What don't you care for now?

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I've lost my sweet tooth as well. I thought I didn't like tomato sauce anymore- turns out I'd just become accustomed to jarred tomato sauces. One taste of a fresh tomato sauce and I was back to being hooked. Fried camembert with lingon berries was a favorite when we lived in Germany, mostly because that was just about the only vegetarian dish I could find in restaurants there. Had it recently and wasn't blown away, but maybe it wasn't made as well.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Well, for about 6 years, one of my lunch box choices was -among other things- little Debbie's, although I usually went with 12 star crunch or nutty bars.
Do you know how horrible those are?

As a child, I used to eat eggs, bananas and peanut butter. While I will tolerate pb now, I haven't purposely eaten it or the other things in many years.

Or Hawaiian Punch, for that matter!

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Well, my mother used to make french toast that she dipped in a batter then fried in a couple of inches of crisco. It was then topped with dark Karo syrup. I tried it once as an adult and gagged.

I would say candy bars, but honestly they just aren;t the same thing now, so it's not a fair comparison. I'd probably skip the candy cigarettes now, too!

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Cotton candy that epitome of non-hippy food.

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Liverwurst. I haven't tried it in many years, but last time I did it really surprised me that I ate it regularly as a child, esp considering what a picky eater I was.

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I loved root beer floats when I was a kid. Then, in my mid-20s Dad convinced me being a small business owner like him was the only way to go. Soooo, I purchased an A&W Root Beer franchise in Rancho Mirage, CA with my ex-H. It was a horrendous amount of work that even youth could not overcome. And, I drank so many root beer floats that I can't stand even the smell of it today. I ate basically 3 meals/day, six days/week at the A&W. That's also why I don't eat hamburgers anymore. We got very lucky. The State was widening the highway and we were in the way. They bought us out. I would rather be lucky than good any day!!!


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Good Morning Kathleenca, (you wouldn't be Polish by any
chance, would you?). I'll bet I'm older than you are,
and, if anything, my sweet-tooth has become sweeter as
my years advance. The same is true of my aged friends.
And as far as chocolate goes,. . . well, I'll let it go
at that. But, getting back to your original question:
I thought about it for quite a while, and I can honestly
say that there is NOTHING that I liked as a kid, that
I don't like now.

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Junk food: Twinkies, Vienna sausages, Rice Krispie's. Seldom will eat scallops any longer, nor sashimi. A few shrimp go a long way for me nowadays. Lobster - it's okay, but after I finally got a taste of true Mediterranean scampi, I never felt the same way about lobster. Scampi has the same taste, but doesn't have the muscular texture - luscious!

Chicken livers. Love liver, but it's somehow too rich for me now. Again, a little goes a long way. Except for foie gras, which I could eat by the pound. Yum! I'd forgotten about Hawaiian Punch - we all drank that or KoolAid as kids! Never did like carbonated drinks, so fruity drinks were a fav in the hot humid Chicago summers.

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I remember liking Kraft's French dressing (the orange one) as a child, and now I hate it. I used to like white bread and saltine crackers, and I do not eat those anymore either. I don't like white cake (as in wedding cake) as much as I used to either, and I don't eat popsicles any more or snow cones, although I might not be averse to snow cones - I just haven't had any recently, and we never got any "shave ice" when we were in Hawaii. I guess I used to like Kool-Aid and won't drink that now also.


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Miracle Whip, Cool Whip, Kool-Aid, Cotton Candy, Hard Candy, Peeps, Circus Candy, Fish Sticks, Jello, Jeno's frozen Pizza snacks, Boloney, (unless it's fried), Vienna Sausages, Spam, Wonder Bread, Soda Pop, Fritos. All this I loved as a kid, won't eat now. Oh, by the way, we never heard of square plates back then.

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If anything I like more things now than I did when I was a child. I ate what was available because there was nothing else, but didn't really enjoy much of it.

I still have a sweet tooth but the only "store bought" sweets we ever got were those almond windmill cookies and Brach's candy corn because Grandma liked those and bought them about twice a year. Candy corn was seasonal, you only got it in the fall. I like Oreos but we never had them when I was a child. Aas a general rule don't care uch for the commercial baked goods, either those that pass as "bakery" or the ones on the shelf like Keebler, etc. Occasionally I'll eat a maple filled Bun bar.

We had homemade cookies, pies, cakes, etc., when I was a kid and that's what I still like. I used to dislike peanut butter because of the texture, now I like it. I think the only food I'll flat out refuse is Jello. It just feels too icky.

When there was little or nothing else we'd have cornmeal mush or macaroni and tomatoes. That's just what it sounds like, a pound of boiled white macaroni with a quart of homecanned tomatoes. Heat and eat or go hungry. I didn't like it then and I don't like any kind of red sauce or white pasta now.


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Mother was 'someplace' that had a bake sale. So, she
brought home a cake, (she doesn't like to cook/bake),
and it had a frosting that is just 'grease and sugar,
Anyhooo, I scraped off the frosting, and melted some
rasberry preserves, in the micro, and it was really
good, (it was a yellow cake).

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I was not a picky eater except about a very few things as a child. I ate what was there because that was what there was to eat. Left to my own I haven't eaten a lot of the things that were there to eat in my childhood home: pickled pig's feet, beef tongue, an achingly sweet commercial cookie called Aunt Sally cookies, ribbon candies, wintergreen candies, Koolaid, Vienna sausages, Spam, cauliflower with white sauce, eggs with runny yolks, Spaghettios, canned ravioli, liverwurst. I wouldn't say I liked those things necessarily, they were simply there and I never voiced a complaint nor a preference. I simply prefer other things now.

I still occasionally grab a can of Vienna sausages (maybe every three years) and eat them with some French's yellow mustard. I am transported to childhood road trips to Mexico. My grandmother packed those for easy picnic meals when we stopped. And Twinkies. I still can't eat a Twinkie, though. I ate a few too many on one road trip.


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When I was a kid my mom used to buy us "Chicken in a Biskit" crackers as a treat. I cannot abide by them now. Don't like Ritz or Town House crackers anymore either. Or cheese whiz which I adored back in the day. All are way too salty and greasy for me now. And yes, I liked braunschweiger and smoked oysters back then too, mom used to serve them as appetizers with crackers and cheese whiz, lol. All that is too rich and salty for my tastes now. Almost all the boxed snack foods and snack cakes, etc. have lost their appeal, although not all of them. I compensate by keeping that stuff out of the house. Cannot afford them now anyway.

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When I was a kid, I loved casseroles made with Campbell's cream soups i.e. chicken, mushroom or celery. I can't stand the smell of those canned soups now, let alone eat them.

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When I was a kid, I thought Swanson's Chicken Fricassee was great. I bought a can to try and there is almost no chicken in it. It tastes like glop. Nothing like I remembered.

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Hi lbpod,

No, I'm Irish & English, I can't blame it on that. Or maybe I can...

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Reading this makes me wonder how many of these are instances where the person's tastes have changed, and how many are instances where the food itself have changed.

I once read somewhere about how companies will incrementally change recipes or ingredients over time, and taste-test the results, and if the majority of the tasting panel either agrees that the "new and improved" version is better (or at least not noticeably worse) they will release the new version. However after enough of these incremental changes the final result can be drastically different from the original product.

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Twinkies and campbells tomato soup made with water. As I got older they came out with ring dings and I thought they were delicious. These choices are coming from a bakers, delicatessen & restaurant owner daughter.

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There's not anything that I can think of that I liked as a child but don't like now. But there are a few things that I ate for days on end than now would not be tolerable!!.I drank an egg nog every day for breakfast for cereal, no toast, no egg....just an egg nog and a small glass of orange juice. And I ate ham and cheese sandwiches for years for school lunch.
I was a picky PICKY eater my mother said....didn't like most vegetables nor any fruit with much texture. No citrus but for strained juice, no grapes unless they had no seeds and you peeled it.
But I loved liverwurst, head cheese, ll kinds of salami, olives, pickles, pumpernickle bread with butter and raw onion, but no squash of any sort, no broccoli, no cauliflower and no green beans....but creamed wax beans were oK...go figure.
I like all that stuff now....but although I haven't tried any in many many years I probably would still like a Hostess Snowball and a Hostess Cupcake...but not sure about those brightly colored "twin" sickles" sort of frozen thing..

There are lots of things I used to love....that I can't stand any more...not because I have changed but because the product Swanson's frozen pot pies, frozen breaded fish...used to be real some of it is like "fish hamburger" formed...ugh! Pot pies no longer have much in them but "gravy"....and frozen pizzas make a big deal of they contain some "real" cheese.

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Miracle Whip. Campbell's tomato soup. Both are so sweet tasting to me now I cannot eat them.


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