Simplifying My Life: Selling Crystal and China

cupofkindnessJuly 9, 2013

I have a large collection of Wedgwood china that while I love, I rarely use, including 18 place settings, a teapot, and several serving dishes. What is the best way to sell this? Ebay?

Also, a relative had given me a small Waterford figurine once a year for several years, and also things like Waterford crosses, rose bowls, candlesticks and the like. These things harken to days past that seem like they will never return. I would like to sell most of these as well, but hold one thing for each child as a keepsake from their grandmother. Is eBay the best way to handle these types of collectibles? What about Craigslist?

I also have some Royal Doulton figurines to sell as well. What was I thinking when I bought these things? They are lovely, but useless!

What is your advice about selling these, and please feel free to commiserate with me. I truly regret buying/receiving such things that now looking back, I see how little value such things have added to my life. Thank you!

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So you are looking more towards selling rather than just getting rid of it?

If so, try your local auction house(s). I think your would get more money there than through the internet sites.

Cannot commiserate though... we use our china regularly and enjoy it all!

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I would check sales on e-bay to see if your items are selling - if hot enough might be your best bet. I doubt local auctions would provide much return. I regret not getting rid of much of my extra stuff some years back when it was more desirable. "I see how little value such things have added to my life." Wow, Cup! That statement is profound.

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I'd check both eBay & Demand and prices can vary so greatly on eBay. might be an easier, faster way to sell the whole collection at one time. If you have something that's selling well on eBay you'll probably get more money that way.

I'm considering selling my wedding china. It's lovely & we still like the pattern. But we've never used it in 18 yrs.

I have learned my lesson for the most part. Years ago, I accepted a lot of dishes & other items from my sister when she was cleaning out her house. It wasn't really my style but I didn't want to say no. It ened up in my attic & we had to clean it out when we moved.

My dad had to be put into assisted living in Jan. We're slowly starting to deal with the items in his house. Yesterday my sister asked if I wanted any of the china or stoneware. I told her no. I was proud of myself. At one point in my life, I would have taken them even if unsure.

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cupofkindness, I just went through this too. Parted with 2 sets of dishes, grandmas and moms silver and and many other things. If you have time, Craigslist or Ebay can be useful, if you don't want to mess around and just want them gone, search for dealers in your area who will give you a price for the whole lot at once. I could have made a lot more money if I'd sold my items piece by piece but it would have taken a very long time and for each piece there is the advertising, photos, placing ads and if on ebay dealing with the commissions, mailing each item as soon as It is paid for, and of course answering all queries in a timely manner. I was under time constraints, we had the house for sale and planned to move as soon as possible.
I got a dealer who was willing to pay a bit more than garage sale prices, actually got bids from 3, took the highest one, and it was all gone in a week. To me it was worth it to be out from under 7 pallets of accumulated collections and other vintage items. You might also consider donating your pieces to a charity resale shop of some sort and taking it as a tax deduction if you are in a tax bracket where such a thing would be useful. My things no longer own me, and it has been a freeing experience to move so many items on. Instead of waiting until I pass to give special pieces to family, I gave them to them now, and will have the pleasure of seeing them enjoy them. best wishes.

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Mom owned lots and lots of a certain China pattern. Her mother had bought the stuff (Noritake-Azalea) Over the years, I added a few pieces as gifts. At one point, Mom became elderly and was strapped for cash. I suggested she sell her china but she never got around to it. After she died in 2011, Brother did some research on Ebay and Replacements and thought it was worth a bundle. He inquired about selling to Replacements. They offered ten percent of their own selling price. He ended up selling serving pieces, coffee and tea pots etc. privately. Later he held an estate sale but got stuck with about 80 common items like plates, cups, saucers. would you believe he actually threw the remaining stuff away?

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I would have taken them to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

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I would check eBay for completed sales of dishes like you want to sell. You may have to register to do that. You may find out it's not worth the trouble. Shipping is expensive and dishes are breakable. I haven't sold anything there since the bottom dropped out of collectables. The prices on everything is down except for the things that were collectable before the craze that went on a few years ago. My friend has a house full of glass ware that she can't sell it.

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I had replacements give me a quote for selling my china........ they were willing to give me pennies for it. It was seriously a joke.

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What they offered you is a guide line, check ebay completed sales like I suggested. Having two guide lines will be a pretty accurate price. Before I sells for pennies I donate them to the Bethesda Gently Used Stores. They have customers coming in every day so it is easier for them to find buyers. I have a few dolls left over from my collections and will eventually donate them even though they are valued high in the books, they are not worth anything if I cannot sell them. It is my way of helping the Lutheran Charities without giving them money. The value on collectables are way down. It will also help my heirs who would probably sell them for pennies which will not help anyone.

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