fireplace in the dining room?

misobentoJuly 21, 2009

Buying a house where the built in is not original (it actually gaps about a 1/4 inch on all sides) although they did a good job at matching it. What would you all think about replacing that (and storing it safely somewhere) and inserting a gas fireplace in it's space. Not sure how 'correct' it would be....1920 bungalow. Maybe it can't even be done....just trying to think of ideas. :)

BTW, the furniture is not ours this is the photo from the realtor website. We will only have an oval table and chairs.

Any thoughts?


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My Mom owns a 1903 Queen Anne with a fireplace in what was originally the dining room, but which my Grandparents, and later my parents when they took the house, used as a living room.

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Used to live in a late 1800's house and it had a fireplace in the dining room too. My present home has a fireplace in every room. I love to dine with a fire going, why not?

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thanks everyone! I like the idea, but in all the bungalow books etc we haven't really found any photos of fireplaces in the dining rooms. I'll keep looking and maybe research other styles of houses to see if I can come up with any photos.

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I've seen fireplaces in every room in older houses. The space definitely looks suitable.

As it's been over 100F for a month straight here, I can't even imagine a fireplace now, but am sure it'd be nice in the middle of winter :)

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Sadly it feels like winter in Wisconsin right now, unseasonably maybe that is why I am thinking fireplaces??? LOL

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I just finished putting in a fireplace in my dining room. My house is older, built in 1885, but it originally had one, was bricked over, then we put it back in. I put in gas logs because I didn't want to fuss with wood while eating and more than likely we wouldn't be there as long as we are in the living room. I found some pictures of Stickley craftsman houses some had fireplaces in the dining rooms others didn't. I say if you like the fireplace keep it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stickley's craftsman homes

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I can see a fireplace there. My 1929 bungalow has a dining room fireplace, but it was added in the mid 50's. I love it, it can either burn wood or use the gas logs. I just wish it could be seen from the living room.......

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I lived outside New Haven, CT in a pre-war neighborhood, and many of the houses there have fireplaces in the dining rooms.

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