Y'all would be proud of me!

kittiemomJuly 10, 2006

DH & I moved recently. His company offered to hire movers, but we elected to do it ourselves. They did supply a truck & some guys on actual moving day. We had been wanting to do a "clean sweep" for a while, but just weren't able to get around to it. Besides, it's hard when you have various tools in the house because of remodeling & things just seem to spill into other rooms.

We have cleared out at least a dumpster full of junk & trash. We have an entire room full of donations that are to be picked up this morning by a local charity. We haven't even touched the shed yet! I kept a few things to go to storage that I'm not sure about, but would like to at least try them in the new house before I decide. I've promised myself & DH that if they don't work there, I'll get rid of them.

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Ohmigosh! I AM proud of you! I was just picturing all that in my head. You've been busy AND productive!

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Congratulations on such great results for your hard work!

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Congratulations!!! Anything you decide doesn't work in the next house will be much easier to get rid of after this experience. I think dumpsters are a great way to go to really, really purge. It's amazing how much broken down or trash stuff we hang onto.


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Congratulations on de-junking the new house! I'm impressed that you were able to focus after the move and clean-sweep after!

Julie (I'm proud of you!)

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Good job Kittiemom, I know you feel so much "lighter".

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