Quick! Need help on a possible CL find

jjamFebruary 28, 2014

This chair is listed on CL today. It says it is a vintage "Kittenger" chair that needs reupholstering. Price is $75 OBO. I contacted the seller and the moving van is literally in the driveway ready to load it but she'd rather sell.

Kittinger is obviously misspelled, I think. How can I tell if it's really a Kittinger? If it's not I'll likely pass. Not familiar with the label/branding in person. Thanks in advance.

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Kittinger is made in Buffalo, NY.

Here's one possible label-

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I'd ask the seller to tell you how she knows it's Kittinger, for example, a label on the underside, that she can take take a photo of for you.

I've linked a label on the underside of a Kittinger chair on eBay.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks arapaho and my3dogs. I passed on this even though the label was legit from what I could tell. I think it's too big for my LR, and I actually think what I have, while not a Kittinger, is a style I like better. Tough to pass on a legendary brand, but with reupholstering, I'd have some $$$ in it so it has to have the right bones in order to make sense. There are always other bargains to be had...and now I know how to spot the real Kittinger stuff if any more of it were to come my way.

I appreciate your help!

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