Bowling alley floors

suwannee75July 27, 2010

We just pulled up the tile in our 1917 arts and crafts home, in the kitchen. There are beautiful maple half the kitchen. The other half apparently was a porch and has painted gray boards.

I want to replace the porch side flooring with the same maple- it is 2 inches wide, apparently an abnormal size (just like a bowling alley). I have already done a net search and called our local specialty store with no luck.

Any suggestions on where to look to find 2 inch maple flooring? Will we have to have it custom milled? Eek, did not expect this when we pulled up the tile!

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My son has had custom mill work done, and I don't know how that compared to pre-finished but it didn't sound all that out of line. My suggestion is to pull up the good flooring in that half kitchen and salvage it for a smaller floor somewhere else down the line, and completely replace the kitchen flooring with new wood. No problems with matches, mill-work, and refinishing. Quick and easy and you can call out any finish you want.

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Just "googling" around, it looks like narrow strip maple hardwood flooring is pretty readily available in 2 1/4" widths. I know that's 1/4 inch wider than what you have, but I do wonder how noticeable it would be?

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Alternatively - pull up the 2". Buy a few boxes of 3" and 4" and mix them in. You'll have a variable width look and no obvious "new" food divide.

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