Can I see pictures of your bed under a sloped roof?

domesticahJuly 27, 2008

Sorry, I am not being inappropriate, I am just trying to remodel our 1930's craftsman style home : ). We have dormered space upstairs and I want to put a bed under a sloped roof. I wondering how much headroom I need (we are trying to utilize all the space we can) above the bed...Have you done this? can I see pictures? Thanks.

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I forgot to add a "hi" and that I am new to this forum and your advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Well if you sit up in your present bed, how high are you (from the bed or floor)? Just use that measurement against a string dropped down from the new 'slope' - slide it against the slope with a bead tied on the end to hold it straight until it touches the floor, and you'll know it matches the height you need (though I would definitely leave more room for standing to make the bed unless it's on casters!

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The problem I've always had with sitting beds in dormered rooms is that most of my beds are antiques with high headboards and the only place they would fit is at the highest part of the room. That really limits your choices in a smaller bedroom to the wall in which the entrance door is usually placed and the outside wall, and that usually has a window. Most of the time the bed ended up on the window wall, and I never liked that for obvious reasons.

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I was actually going to sell my very nice charles p. rogers iron bed and build a platform so that he bed would not be too high.

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Keep the bed, ditch the house :-)! But how can a platform keep a bed from being too high, headboard or not?

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W have all our beds under the slopped part. However we are short ;) But we do have a decently high headboard (though our bed actually sits low)

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