Bathroom Tile, what do you think of accent tile

bluestarrgalleryFebruary 20, 2014

I am thinking of this tile for a small bathroom, large tile for floor and shower wall, small tile for shower floor and accent tile for three quarters up the shower wall and inside the shampoo caddy.

Do you think the accent tile is too close in color to the main tile color? If so what would you suggest for the accent?

I also came home with some darker tile but now think it may be too dark for such a small bathroom.

Thanks so much.

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IMHO, if you are using three formats, it is nice to keep them all in the same colorway. But I may be the wrong one to ask since I am not a big fan of accent tile anyway.

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I probably won't use four sections of the accent tile, I usually prefer three but in this case I might use two. The tile for the shower pan has to be smaller in order to get the proper fall to the drain.

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I like it because it looks textural rather than reading as a darker stripe.

I think variation in size and texture is a good alternative way to add an accent without a color change. There is nothing wrong with accent colors, but I like the subtlety of what you are doing here.

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I think it will look nice and "smooth".

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Hi ineffablespace, thanks, in the past I had a stronger contrast in my shower spaces so I was concerned at the monochromatic look here but seems like it might be ok.

Hi faux68, thanks, it has an over all soft look which I am just not as familiar with in a bathroom.

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Spring . . . Now I am concerned. If you liked the more dramatic look, with stronger contrast, like you mentioned above them maybe you need to keep looking. Maybe have the stone in the accent tile mixed with glass?

Personally. I like the smoothness . . . but if you prefer a little more drama it might not be time to order.

Sleep on it a few night and see how you feel.

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If you like a bit more drama maybe you could keep what you have and add a liner of dark gray, brown or cream glass tiles on either side of the accent. it is hard to tell which would work better without seeing the tile in person.

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Hi faux68, thanks, I am planning on putting in a dark vanity so I was thinking I should pick up the color with a gray or black tile, but I think black would be too dark, I will see what else I can come up with.

Hi gmp3, thanks, the color of these tiles doesn't show that well in this photo I will try to find some more accent tiles and take a photo perhaps out of doors to show the true color.

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The tile section if rather peachy in color.

I used a more neutral tile in different sizes to accent a large bathroom .........just to show an example installation

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Hi beverly27, thanks, oh I like the accenting tile on the bench and the floor, we just demo'd the shower door and realize we have two lights in the bathroom and a window which makes it very light, so now we are thinking of a darker tile as a choice, but not sure if we should put the same tile on floor as the shower. we plan on an expresso black vanity with a white sink, the bathroom is so small that the vanity can only be 24 inches in width. will post photos in a new thread as well.

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Put a light in the shower room.

This would be a wet location light with lighter colored tile makes for a better showering experience.

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For a small bathroom, I would keep to a single tile if possible for a more spacious feeling. I really wish some "designer" hadn't added accent tile to my tiny bathroom.

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it is you who uses this bathroom, so get confidence on your own choice, it would be better solution, yes consult with colors on net as well

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