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bmorepanicJuly 21, 2009

This is the existing front entrance to our house - 1924 neo-colonial bungalow. A formerly open porch about 7 x 9.

Yup - that's stucco. It was enclosed by some previous owner who did not do a critically acclaimed job. Unfortunately, it has rot, rot and more rot plus carpenter bees in the little stucco corner post. Which we discovered while having the house painted - what you see is just primer and a whole lotta caulk that my crazy painters tried. The flooring is also gonners and most of the porch is built ON the floor. Another shot of the existing porch and a sense of the scale of my little bungalow in my little yard.

So - its all coming out. We think on the side, we are going to put back stucco across the entire opening and then front it with trellis on stand-offs with clematis and maybe a climbing rose - disguise the patch a bit and soften the large expanse of blank wall. The alternative treatment *way cheaper* is to do board siding. If we blank that wall, we can have a closet in the entranceway.

We'd make the height/width of the moldings be the same as the existing casings on the main house. Make the windows on both sides of the door the same height/panel size as the windows in the living room. Do a wide molding in between the windows and the bottom wall with the mailbox on one side and a small planter on the other. The lower panel is board siding the same size as the board siding on the large dormer. Get a new door that is 36" wide, scoot it over a bit so it lines up with the inner front door and maybe make it 7 feet tall like the inner front door - shown at about 6'8".

Light fixtures are for amusement only, but would like to do something similar. And have a door bell location that people could find!

What do you think? I kinda like it, but it also looks a bit commercial.

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It looks nice and I like the idea of adding a closet. That's always handy for old houses. But looking at the picture I think I would like to see either a transom over the door and windows or make the door taller to match up with the windows better. How about lights on either side of the doorway (outside of the windows) instead of fixtures above? The top looks a little crowded with the fixtures above.

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We checked and there isn't a way to have a transom over - its too short. The current height is to the side of the original porch, but the moldings don't match the rest of the house - they are too thin.

So we are lowering the height of the windows (3-4")to match the existing living room windows - there are some off to the right side in their original location. I'm thinking maybe increasing the height of the door to 7 feet like the actual front door that leads to the house.

The other idea was do something asymmetrical - a sidelight, followed by the door and a vertical panel with tile - maybe a bird of paradise or a phoenix, but maybe a craftsman tile with some molded decos or encaustic tiles.

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We talked some more about it and maybe this -

Each yellow square will be an individual art tile or painting or a glass mural - we haven't decided. We live in a community where art can be relatively inexpensive so it won't cost a mint - particularly spread out over time.

Colors aren't real. It would be most accurate to say the relationships between the colors will stay, but not those exact shades. Like the blue, lighter blue, teal, peach, mint green, medium green, etc. will stay - but not those exact ones.

The flower pots are normally full of stuff - but I can't draw that using dumb ol paint.

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I like the new entrance and a new shade of colors. Its more of modern and a contemporary look. I hope you can post photo when you finished it. Thanks.

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