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rndebJuly 14, 2006

I bought a ranch style home a year ago and have not thought of a solution to the front entrance that would make it stand out and invite. The house is a pale yellow with shutters and two doors that lead to the house the same terra cotta color. I feel uncomfortable having two front doors two different colors, but one leads to the garage and I would like to de-emphasize it while calling attention the the other. There is a short sidewalk leading to the the main entrance and two pots of flowers. I would love to do more achitectually, but that can't happen for awhile...ideas are appreciated, however. Is paint the easy solution? What color, etc.

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I think you could paint the door you want to deemphasize and it;s trim, the same pale yellow as the "field". But before you paint, have you considered a wreath on the main door, or a pair of large flowering containers on either side?

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I like the wreath idea. What about white painted doors? The wreath would definitely be more of a stand-out with a white door background.

Also, maybe a flag pole mounted on the wall next to the front door? That would definitely catch the eye.
small print disclaimer: i am a terrible home decorator. LOL

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I also think the same yellow as the house for garage door. Wreath is great idea!

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