lost 25 lbs - clean sweep of closet

mommabirdJune 22, 2010

I recently lost 25 lbs and it's been great for decluttering. My clothes are 2 sizes too big - some of them are uncomfortably large. I have bagged them up & dropped them off at Goodwill as they get uncomfortable. I have about 20 items in my closet now and am not really looking for more until I lose another size. I am amazed at how little I can get by with. I do laundry every day anway, so if I need pants or shorts I just throw them in. I have 3 skirts, 2 pr of shorts, 1 pr of jeans, 2 pr of pants, a few (5?) tshirts and 3 button up shirts. That's really all I need.

Even some of my shoes were too big! Can you belive my feet lost weight? I dropped those in the bags, too. What a relief to get rid of shoes. My quote for the last few years has been "shoes are the last fun shopping for a fat chick." Well, not any more! In the bag they go.

Aside from the weight loss, I feel LIGHTER for getting rid of the stuffed closet. It's a great feeling!

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Slightly envious here... I have lost 25 pounds and I am still in the same size everything (even jeans!).

Nice work!

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Well, a big old "YAY!" for you! Wish I'd get in the frame of mind to get both of them done!

I know you've got to have a great sense of accomplishment from having both lost the weight yourself and helping your closet to do it, too!

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Good for you

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Nice job!! I think there should be two parts to weight loss....the actual number of pounds lost in body weight, and the number of pounds of clothing/shoes given away. So, you would probably be 25/25 pounds lost. I think the second number is almost as important as the first.


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Congratulations! I have lost about 70 pounds in a year and I still haven't purged ALL of my clothes (most of them, I still have to purge some blouses). I have gotten rid of my 70 pounds ago clothes but I still have to get rid of some of my 25-40 pounds ago clothes.

I also have lost a shoe size. It's the weirdest thing.

:) I need to get rid of everything that doesn't fit NOW so I have no excuse to get fat again!

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I've only just started popping in here occasionally. I agree so much with the simplified closet thing. Figured it out from traveling. I'm more creative with my clothing, and always focus on favorites when I travel.

That being said, my weight went the other direction a few years ago. I'd had nearly 20 years at the same set weight and then started creeping up. Then I put on the brakes, but now have been sitting at this higher weight level for about 4 years, constantly struggling to bring it back down. It's an increase of about 20 lbs!

So, most of my clothes had become too tight. I finally purged the other way. Made myself try on just about everything and discarded the stuff that was just too small.

When I lose the weight, one reward will be shopping for new things that please me. But, I'm glad I went ahead and purged. It's hard to let go of your "skinny" clothes because it feels like a defeat. But the "fat" closet overstuffed with all the different sized clothing isn't psychologically healthy either. Figured that I might not have the pounds off yet, but I deserved a neat "skinny" closet with clothes in it that fit.

Proud of you ladies who have achieved the weight loss--it's hard work.

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Thanks everyone! I have believed for years that the first step to change is to accept what is. As the sizes went up (boo hoo) I got rid of the too tight clothes. Now as the sizes go down, I'm doind the same. I don't want anything that doesn't fit in the house at all.

I still have 40 lbs to go to get to the "healhty weight" range for my height, so I don't want to spent a lot of $$ on what I wear now (16). I went thrift shopping Wed & today. Between 2 large thrift stores, and about $50, I am well outfitted now, and still have a ton of space in the closet. When I get to my goal weight I will reward myself with a trip to a retail store!

That weight is GONE for good. I will never go back to how I used to eat. I feel 15 years younger now that I'm eating healthy and not dragging around 25 lbs every where I go. I can only imagine how great I'll feel when I'm longer dragging that other 40 lbs!

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Congratulations Mommabird. Soon you'll be as light as a bird! It's nice to hear of your progress since just two days ago I started walking for my health. I've been working on eating better for some time now, but still have a few vices I need to rid myself of. Slowly moving away from them since the cold turkey idea just wasn't working.

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Congratulations, Mommabird. I know it is not easy.

I need to lose 15 - 20 pounds and was doing well until this past spring. Gained five pounds instead of losing five. Can't button my pants and I wear over-shirts to cover it. Hate the thought of buying new clothes. I started exercising again last week after a three month hiatus because of back problems (and extended because of laziness).

You are an inspiration!

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